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Experimental Elicitation of an Out of Body Experience and Concomitant Cross-Hemispheric Electroencephalographic Coherence
Brief exposure to a counterclockwise global externally applied magnetic field generated from an array of 64 solenoids designed to affect the cerebral fields associated with the left and right
The Role of Religious and Mystic Experiences In Human Evolution: A Corollary Hypothesis for NeuroTheology
The adaptive value of maintaining a portion of our population subject to religious, mystic or spiritual experiences is discussed. An evolutionary mechanism, which may be unique to humans, is posited
Complex Partial Epileptic-Like Experiences in University Students and Practitioners of Dharmakaya in Thailand: Comparison with Canadian University Students
Complex partial epileptic-like experiences may be a normal feature of the human species and there were no strong or consistent correlations between the history of meditation within the sample who practiced Dharma meditation and these experiences.
The Production of Consciousness Out of States of Consciousness
It has been found that there are five million magnetite crystals per gram in the human brain. Interestingly, the meninges, has twenty times that number. These ‘biomagnetite’ crystals demonstrate two
Solving the “Hard Problem”: Consciousness as an Intrinsic Property of Magnetic Fields
The “hard problem,” the question of the physical basis of consciousness, finds a solution in the hypothesis that consciousness is an attribute of magnetic fields, and that complex consciousness is based on its integration with the neural electrical system.
Validating New Technologies to Treat Depression, Pain and the Feeling of Sentient Beings: A Reply to “Neuroscience for the Soul”
A Hegelian approach to this delay of development and impedance provides a context through which the ultimate synthesis and application of this technology may be accommodated in the near future.