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Night workers with circadian misalignment are susceptible to alcohol-induced intestinal hyperpermeability with social drinking.
Alcohol-induced intestinal hyperpermeability (AIHP) is a known risk factor for alcoholic liver disease (ALD), but only 20-30% of heavy alcoholics develop AIHP and ALD. The hypothesis of this study isExpand
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Functional impairments as symptoms in the symptom cluster analysis of patients newly diagnosed with advanced cancer.
CONTEXT Symptoms and subsequent functional impairment have been associated with the biological processes of disease, including the interaction between disease and treatment in a measurement model ofExpand
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A Descriptive Study of the “Lift-Assist” Call
Abstract Introduction. Responses for “lift assists” (LAs) are common in many emergency medical services (EMS) systems, and result when a person dials 9-1-1 because of an inability to get up, isExpand
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A concise history of Christianity in Canada
This single-volume history of Canadian Christianity, intended for students and general readers as well as specialists, surveys major religious developments from the perspective of recent scholarship.Expand
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Drug users' lay consultation processes: symptom identification and management
We present findings from a National Institute on Drug Abuse funded study of drug use and health care. Our data indicate that stigmatization of illicit drug-users in health care settings and healthExpand
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Complementary ensemble clustering of biomedical data
The rapidly growing availability of electronic biomedical data has increased the need for innovative data mining methods. Expand
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Mining and modeling for a metropolitan Atlanta ozone pollution decision-making framework
In this paper, we present a Decision-Making Framework (DMF) for reducing ozone pollution in the metropolitan Atlanta region. High ground-level concentrations of ozone continue to be a serious problemExpand
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Tragic Beauties: Heroin Images and Heroin Users
We present selected findings from “An Ethnography of Young Heroin Users” concerning media and youth-subculture influences on the initiation and continuation of heroin use among young adults agesExpand
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S34-03 The relationship between streptococcal antibodies and the course of OCD and tics in a pediatric population
The clinical phenotype of pediatric OCD and tic disorders in relation to streptococcal antibody patterns will be discussed. Also, cellular and other immune findings will be presented on a group ofExpand
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