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The song stuck in my head phenomenon: A melodic din in the lad?
Abstract This hypothesis raising article deals with the relationship between four phenomena: (1) involuntary verbal rehearsal, also called the “Din in the head”, (2) Piaget's egocentric speech, (3)Expand
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The Discourse of Pop Songs
hension. This adds more evidence to previous studies addressing this question. It is also important to notice that there was no significant difference between the groups hearing the syntacticallyExpand
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Exploring conversational shadowing
The background literature on the repeating of a conversation partner’s words, here called conversational shadowing, shows it to be naturally occurring in L1 acquisition and adult use. This study wasExpand
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Music and Song
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Deep Impact Storytelling.
Stories, a form of narrative, help us to make sense of our world. Even in academic research, they have lately been given a higher status (see Pavlenko and Lantolf 2000 for an overview). As Aki’sExpand
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Encouraging Critical Collaborative Autonomy
In this theory-building review-essay, we advocate that second language teachers encourage their students to act critically, cooperatively, and autonomously. We discuss the three components ofExpand
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