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A spectrum analysis of potential fluctuation during passive film breakdown and repair on iron
Abstract A spectrum analysis of the potential fluctuation during passive film breakdown and repair of iron in a solution containing NaCl was performed. It was found that the power spectrum densityExpand
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The behavior of phosphorous during passivation of weathering steel by protective patina formation
Abstract Although it is well known that the protective patina on weathering steel normally has the two layer structure which consists of an outer crystalline FeOOH layer and an inner amorphous ironExpand
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Creation of Alloy Design Concept for Anti Air-Born Salinity Weathering Steel
Alloy designing methods, such as Ca or enhanced Ni addition together with elimination of Cr, for anti air-born salinity weathering steel were established, utilizing various findings in terms ofExpand
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Role of Materials Science in Implementing Sustainable Society
1.1 持続可能な社会(Sustainable Society)をどの ように構築するか 「持続可能な社会」いう言葉には,簡単に達成できる ことではないという直感的な思いと,実現したいという 私たちの願いが込められている.まず「持続可能な社会」 の基本となる物質「循環」の実態はどうなっているか思 い起こして見たい.図 1に酒井ら1)による自然循環系とExpand
ABSTRACT A new quantitative method in laboratory was devised to investigate atmospheric corrosion of stainless steels. The potentials of stainless steels, changing with time, were measured up to theExpand
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An Empirical Learning Approach towards the First Step Engineering Ethics through Field Works on Practical Environmental Issues
Engineering ethics is a complex hierarchical system consisting of an individual, professional and organizational ethics. It is, therefore, important to recognize the interrelated nature of them, andExpand
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