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The physical character of subaqueous sedimentary density flows and their deposits
The complexity of flow and wide variety of depositional processes operating in subaqueous density flows, combined with post-depositional consolidation and soft-sediment deformation, often make itExpand
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Marine hyperpycnal flows: initiation, behavior and related deposits. A review
Hyperpycnal flows form in the marine environment when river discharge enters the ocean with suspended concentrations in excess of 36 kg m 23 due to buoyancy considerations, or as little as 1- 5 kg mExpand
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Turbidity Currents Generated at River Mouths during Exceptional Discharges to the World Oceans
A marine hyperpycnal plume is a particular kind of turbidity current occurring at a river mouth when the concentration of suspended sediment is so large that the density of the river water is greaterExpand
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Estimating fluvial sediment transport: The rating parameters
Correlations between suspended sediment load rating parameters, river basin morphology, and climate provide information about the physical controls on the sediment load in rivers and are used toExpand
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The quest for the Africa–Eurasia plate boundary west of the Strait of Gibraltar
The missing link in the plate boundary between Eurasia and Africa in the central Atlantic is presented and discussed. A set of almost linear and sub parallel dextral strike–slip faults, the SWIM1Expand
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Classification of Offshore Mass Movements
More than 100 offshore mass-movement deposits have been studied in Holocene and Pleistocene sediments. The processes can be divided into three main types: slides/slumps, plastic flows, and turbidityExpand
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Predicting the terrestrial flux of sediment to the global ocean: a planetary perspective
A new model for predicting the long-term flux of sediment from river basins to the coastal ocean is applied to a global data set of 340 river basins. The model is based on relief, basin area (or,Expand
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Inversely graded turbidite sequences in the deep Mediterranean: a record of deposits from flood-generated turbidity currents?
Abstract. Turbidity currents generated during floods of small and medium rivers have been demonstrated to be an important process of sediment transport from continent to abyss. They produceExpand
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Contourites of the Gulf of Cadiz: A high-resolution record of the paleocirculation of the Mediterranean outflow water during the last 50,000 years
The Mediterranean outflow water (MOW) paleocirculation during the last 50,000 years has been inferred from the grain-size distribution of contourite beds in core MD99-2341 from the Gulf of CadizExpand
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Present deep-submarine canyons activity in the Bay of Biscay (NE Atlantic)
Present sedimentation in three canyons of the Bay of Biscay (Audierne, Blackmud and Capbreton) is studied by the combined analysis of cores and current meter data collected over a 7 month period. AtExpand
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