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Solid-liquid extraction and cation-exchange solid-phase extraction using a mixed-mode polymeric sorbent of Datura and related alkaloids.
Tropane alkaloids solid-liquid extraction methods were developed and comprised ambient pressure ones: extraction with hot solvent, extraction at room temperature, on ultrasonic bath as well asExpand
Pressurized liquid extraction and anticholinesterase activity-based thin-layer chromatography with bioautography of Amaryllidaceae alkaloids.
Optimal extraction technique-pressurized liquid extraction was optimised for extraction of lycorine and galanthamine from Narcissus jonquilla 'Pipit' and was much more effective than previously applied hot-solvent extraction, microwave-assisted extraction (MAE) or ultrasound- assisted extraction (USAE). Expand
Simultaneous determination of N-oxides and free bases of pyrrolizidine alkaloids by cation-exchange solid-phase extraction and ion-pair high-performance liquid chromatography.
The applied HPIPC gradient procedure was suitable for separation of PAs with various types of structures (N-oxides, free bases, otonecine-PAs) and was used in searching for PAs in plant derived samples from Symphytum sp. Expand
Seasonal changes in the concentrations of four taxoids in Taxus baccata L. during the autumn-spring period.
Results confirm that epigenetic factors--date of collection (and thus phyllogenesis and kind of plant tissue--determine taxoid levels during the late autumn-spring period in T. baccata and suggest a possible role for 10-DAB III in the biosynthetic pathway to cephalomannine, a less polar taxoid with a side-chain at position C-13. Expand
Solid-phase extraction and simplified high-performance liquid chromatographic determination of 10-deacetylbaccatin III and related taxoids in yew species.
Almost 100% recoveries for paclitaxel and baseline separation of 10-DAB III and co-extracted compounds were obtained when preliminary elution with 30% methanol was performed. Expand
High-performance countercurrent chromatography separation of Peucedanum cervaria fruit extract for the isolation of rare coumarin derivatives.
For the first time, rare major and minor compounds from fruits of Peucedanum cervaria were isolated by high-performance countercurrent chromatography with two different solvent systems and the analysis of their relative stereochemistry by two-dimensional NMR spectroscopy has been performed. Expand
Antimicrobial activity of Apis mellifera L. and Trigona sp. propolis from Nepal and its phytochemical analysis.
Propolis extracts are potent antibacterial agents and may be used in combination with antibiotics, and chemical composition of Nepalese propolis 70% ethanolic extracts was almost the same. Expand
Highly efficient, selective and sensitive molecular screening of acetylcholinesterase inhibitors of natural origin by solid-phase extraction-liquid chromatography/electrospray
  • T. Mroczek
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of chromatography. A
  • 20 March 2009
More potent than galanthamine AChE inhibitor namely 1,2-dihydrogalanthamine in Narcissus jonquilla 'Pipit' extract could be found (with IC(50) value 0.19 microM lower of about 42% than that of galanthamines). Expand