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mTOR-Dependent Regulation of Ribosomal Gene Transcription Requires S6K1 and Is Mediated by Phosphorylation of the Carboxy-Terminal Activation Domain of the Nucleolar Transcription Factor UBF†
It is shown that mTOR is required for the rapid and sustained serum-induced activation of 45S ribosomal gene transcription (rDNA transcription), a major rate-limiting step in ribosome biogenesis and cellular growth. Expand
A housekeeper with power of attorney: the rRNA genes in ribosome biogenesis
It is argued that transcription elongation is a key mechanism regulating rRNA gene transcription and this unorthodox view provides a logical framework to explain the co-transcriptional phase of ribosome biogenesis. Expand
Growth factor signaling regulates elongation of RNA polymerase I transcription in mammals via UBF phosphorylation and r-chromatin remodeling.
ERK phosphorylation of the HMG boxes of UBF, an RNA polymerase I factor essential for transcription enhancement, was shown to directly regulate elongation by inducing the remodeling of ribosomal gene chromatin, suggesting a mechanism for coordinating the cotranscriptional assembly of preribosomal particles. Expand
UBF levels determine the number of active ribosomal RNA genes in mammals
It is demonstrated that depletion of the transcription factor upstream binding factor (UBF) leads to the stable and reversible methylation-independent silencing of rRNA genes by promoting histone H1–induced assembly of transcriptionally inactive chromatin. Expand
An immediate response of ribosomal transcription to growth factor stimulation in mammals is mediated by ERK phosphorylation of UBF.
The data suggest a central role for ribosome biogenesis in growth regulation and growth factor regulation of ribosomal transcription likely acts by a cyclic modulation of DNA architecture. Expand
Competitive recruitment of CBP and Rb-HDAC regulates UBF acetylation and ribosomal transcription.
RNA polymerase I (PolI) transcription is activated by the HMG box architectural factor UBF, which loops approximately 140 bp of DNA into the enhancesome, necessitating major chromatin remodeling.Expand
Promotion and regulation of ribosomal transcription in eukaryotes by RNA polymerase I.
In eukaryotes, ribosomal gene transcription uses a dedicated set of transcription factors and a specialized ribonucleic acid (RNA) polymerase, the deoxyribon DNA-dependent RNA polymerase I (RPOI). Expand
Short-range DNA looping by the Xenopus HMG-box transcription factor, xUBF.
The enhancesome structure suggests a mechanism for xUBF-dependent recruitment of the TATA box-binding protein complex without direct interaction between the two factors. Expand
A transcriptional function for the repetitive ribosomal spacer in Xenopus laevis
  • T. Moss
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Nature
  • 17 March 1983
A model in which the Ribosomal spacer is a loading site for RNA polymerase I and spacer transcription is the driving force by which polymerase is delivered to the ribosomal gene promoter is proposed. Expand
At the Center of Eukaryotic Life
The ribosomal RNA genes encode the enzymatic scaffold of the ribosome and thereby perform perhaps the most basic of all housekeeping functions. However, recent data suggests that they might alsoExpand