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Quantized circular photogalvanic effect in Weyl semimetals
In a class of Weyl semimetals and three-dimensional Rashba materials without inversion and mirror symmetries, the injection contribution to the CPGE trace is effectively quantized in terms of the fundamental constants e, h, c and with no material-dependent parameters.
Diagrammatic approach to nonlinear optical response with application to Weyl semimetals
Nonlinear optical responses are a crucial probe of physical systems including periodic solids. In the absence of electron-electron interactions, they are calculable with standard perturbation theory
Large Bulk Photovoltaic Effect and Spontaneous Polarization of Single-Layer Monochalcogenides.
The calculations indicate that the shift current will be largest in the visible spectrum, suggesting that these monochalcogenides may be promising for polar optoelectronic devices, and the integral of the shift-current tensor is correlated to the large spontaneous effective three-dimensional electric polarization.
Classification of Interacting Topological Floquet Phases in One Dimension
Periodic driving of a quantum system can enable new topological phases with no analog in static systems. In this paper we systematically classify one-dimensional topological and symmetry-protected
Topological nature of nonlinear optical effects in solids
Various nonlinear optical effects, such as the shift current in noncentrosymmetric materials, photovoltaic Hall response, and photo-induced change of order parameters under the continuous irradiation of monochromatic light are described in a unified fashion by topological quantities involving the Berry connection and Berry curvature.
Chiral floquet phases of many-body localized bosons
Author(s): Po, HC; Fidkowski, L; Morimoto, T; Potter, AC; Vishwanath, A | Abstract: We construct and classify chiral topological phases in driven (Floquet) systems of strongly interacting bosons,
Topological classification with additional symmetries from Clifford algebras
We classify topological insulators and superconductors in the presence of additional symmetries such as reflection or mirror symmetries. For each member of the 10 Altland-Zirnbauer symmetry classes,
Optical Hall effect in the integer quantum Hall regime.
Optical Hall conductivity σ{xy}(ω) is measured from the Faraday rotation for a GaAs/AlGaAs heterojunction quantum Hall system in the terahertz-frequency regime, indicating that the plateau structure, although not quantized, still exists in the Terrahertz regime.
Quantitative relationship between polarization differences and the zone-averaged shift photocurrent
A relationship is derived between differences in electric polarization between bands and the ``shift vector'' that controls part of a material's bulk photocurrent, then demonstrated in several
Giant anisotropic nonlinear optical response in transition metal monopnictide Weyl semimetals
An optical second-harmonic generation study of a series of transition metal monopnictide Weyl semimetals reveals a giant, anisotropic nonlinear optical response in these systems. Although Weyl