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Stability feeler: a tool for parametric robust stability analysis and its applications
In this study the authors propose a new tool for robust stability analysis. This tool gives D-stability intervals along a given line in the polynomial coefficient space. D-stability means that allExpand
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409-Tb/s + 409-Tb/s crosstalk suppressed bidirectional MCF transmission over 450 km using propagation-direction interleaving.
We demonstrate bidirectional transmission over 450 km of newly-developed dual-ring structured 12-core fiber with large effective area and low crosstalk. Inter-core crosstalk is suppressed byExpand
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Differential mode delay managed transmission line for wide-band WDM-MIMO system
We propose a differential mode delay (DMD) managed transmission line consisting of positive and negative DMD sections for a WDM-MIMO system. A fabricated 20.4km-long fiber shows maximum 111ps totalExpand
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Differential Mode Delay Managed Transmission Line for WDM-MIMO System Using Multi-Step Index Fiber
We proposed a mode group delay managed transmission line for a WDM-MIMO system consisting of fibers with positive and negative DMDs to compensate for the total DMD. We show numerically that theExpand
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Six-LP-mode transmission fiber with DMD of less than 70 ps/km over C+L band
A low DMD trench assisted GI-fiber supporting six-LP-mode propagation is proposed. We successfully fabricated a transmission fiber with a total absolute DMD of less than 70 ps/km within the C+L bandExpand
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Few-Mode Fibers Supporting More Than Two LP Modes For Mode-Division-Multiplexed Transmission With MIMO DSP
We propose a transmission fiber for mode-division-multiplexed transmission with multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) digital signal processing supporting four and six linearly polarized (LP) modesExpand
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Low DMD four LP mode transmission fiber for wide-band WDM-MIMO system
A low DMD trench assisted GI-fiber supporting LP<sub>01</sub>, LP<sub>11</sub>, LP<sub>21</sub> and LP<sub>02</sub> mode propagation is proposed. The maximum DMD of a fabricated 10.5 km-long fiber isExpand
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Fiber Twisting- and Bending-Induced Adiabatic/Nonadiabatic Super-Mode Transition in Coupled Multicore Fiber
The characteristics of power transfer between super-modes in coupled multicore fiber are investigated numerically and experimentally. We reveal that fiber twisting and macrobending cause modeExpand
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Transmission over large-core few-mode photonic crystal fiber using distance-independent modal dispersion compensation technique.
We propose a transmission distance-independent technique for modal dispersion compensation over few-mode fiber that uses a single-input multiple-output configuration and adaptive equalization. OurExpand
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Randomly-coupled single-mode 12-core fiber with highest core density
125-pm cladding randomly-coupled 12-core fiber is realized with the highest core density of any single-mode multi-core fiber. A spatial mode dispersion coefficient of 8.4 ps/√km is achieved byExpand
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