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Navigation by Induction-Based Magnetoreception in Elasmobranch Fishes
A quantitative frequency-domain model of induction-based magnetoreception is presented for elasmobranch fishes. We show that orientation with respect to the geomagnetic field can be determined byExpand
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Traveling Granular Segregation Patterns in a Long Drum Mixer
Mixtures of granular media often exhibit size segregation along the axis of a partially-filled, horizontal, rotating cylinder. Previous experiments have observed axial bands of segregation that growExpand
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An experimental investigation into the dynamics of a string
We describe a detailed experimental investigation into the dynamics of a sinusoidally forced string. We find qualitative agreement with the predictions of the averaged equations of motion for aExpand
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Dynamics of granular segregation patterns in a long drum mixer
We have studied the early time evolution of granular segregation patterns in a horizontal rotating cylinder partially filled with a sand-salt mixture. The growth of concentration fluctuationsExpand
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Trial reintroduction of buff weka to an unfenced mainland site in central South Island, New Zealand
While there have been significant conservation successes through restoration of island biodiversity following the eradication of invasive predators, a major challenge remains to reintroduce nativeExpand
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Nonlinear Kalman Filter architecture for integrated GPS and accelerometer based vehicle navigation
By combining GPS and accelerometer measurements with a nonlinear Kalman filter we provide a method to infer vehicle dynamics including position, velocity, acceleration and heading. This will allowExpand
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Electroconvection in Sheared Annular Films