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Black hole entropy, special geometry and strings
We review work done over the last years on the macroscopic and microscopic entropy of supersymmetric black holes in fourdimensional = 2 supergravity and in = 2 compactifications of string theory and
'Special geometry of Euclidean supersymmetry I: Vector multiplets'
We construct the general action for abelian vector multiplets in rigid 4-dimensional euclidean (instead of minkowskian) = 2 supersymmetry, i.e., over space-times with a positive definite instead of a
Stationary BPS Solutions in N=2 Supergravity with R^2-Interactions
We analyze a broad class of stationary solutions with residual N = 1 supersymmetry of four-dimensional N = 2 supergravity theories with terms quadratic in the Weyl tensor. These terms are encoded in
Asymptotic degeneracy of dyonic N=4 string states and black hole entropy
It is shown that the asymptotic growth of the microscopic degeneracy of BPS dyons in four-dimensional N = 4 string theory captures the known corrections to the macroscopic entropy of four-dimensional
Black hole partition functions and duality
The macroscopic entropy and the attractor equations for BPS black holes in four-dimensional N = 2 supergravity theories follow from a variational principle for a certain `entropy function'. We
Deviations from the Area Law for Supersymmetric Black Holes
We review modifications of the Bekenstein-Hawking area law for black hole entropy in the presence of higher-derivative interactions. In four-dimensional N = 2 compactifications of string theory or
Special geometry of Euclidean supersymmetry III: the local r-map, instantons and black holes
We define and study projective special para-Kahler manifolds and show that they appear as target manifolds when reducing five-dimensional vector multiplets coupled to supergravity with respect to