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Zebrafish wnt11: pattern and regulation of the expression by the yolk cell and No tail activity
This study analyzed the spatial and temporal expression pattern of zebrafish wnt11 and the regulation of the expression during zebrafish early development, focusing on the interaction with the noExpand
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Removal of vegetal yolk causes dorsal deficencies and impairs dorsal-inducing ability of the yolk cell in zebrafish
To examine the nature of cytoplasm determinants for dorsal specification in zebrafish, we have developed a method in which we remove the vegetal yolk hemisphere of early fertilized eggs (vegetalExpand
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Mesoderm induction in zebrafish
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Dorsal specification in blastoderm at the blastula stage in the goldfish, Carassius auratus
The teleost dorsoventral axis cannot be morphologically distinguished before gastrulation. Previous studies by the current authors have shown that localized dorsalizing activity in the yolk cell (YC)Expand
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Formation and patterning roles of the yolk syncytial layer.
Zebrafish develop in a typical manner of teleosts (for review, see Driever 1995). The animal/vegetal axis is specified during oogenesis and sperm can enter the egg through a single entry siteExpand
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Developmental Staging in Goldfish during the Pre-gastrula Stage.
キンギョの胚操作の指標となる嚢胚期以前の発生段階を, 組織学的, 細胞学的, 発生遺伝学的な視点から検討を加えた。20℃の培養下で同調卵割から非同調卵割への移行(中期胞胚期遷移)は, 9回の同調卵割の後の受精約6時間に起こり, この時期以降を中期胞胚期と定めた。中胚葉分化の指標となるgoosecoidとno tailの発現は受精後8時間に観察され,Expand
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Localized axis determinant in the early cleavage embryo of the goldfish, Carassius auratus
Abstract The teleost dorsoventral axis cannot be distinguished morphologically before gastrulation. In order to examine whether the yolk cell affects axis determination, we bisect early cleavageExpand
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[Dorsoventral axis and mesoderm induction--an overview from experimental morphology].
  • T. Mizuno, E. Yamaha
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Tanpakushitsu kakusan koso. Protein, nucleic acid…
  • 1 December 2000