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Multimodal human emotion/expression recognition
Recognizing human facial expression and emotion by computer is an interesting and challenging problem. Many have investigated emotional contents in speech alone, or recognition of human facialExpand
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Development of Ground Surface Simulator for Tel-E-Merge system
Describes a series of stages in the development of a new virtual locomotion device that has been designed to enhance remote inter-personal communications. The latest system, called GSS (GroundExpand
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Design for locomotion interface in a large scale virtual environment. ATLAS: ATR Locomotion INterfa
In this paper, we focus on the sense of locomotion, in particular, the sense one feels while walking in a large space. Walking is the most basic way of moving around, and a lot of information can beExpand
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A New Approach for Canceling Turning Motion in the Locomotion Interface, ATLAS
Fig.1 Locomotion Interface ATLAS Fig. 2 Imaging Robot AIR Fig. 3 Length of the step in the lateral direction of normal walking on a flat floor. Introduction We are concerned with communication media,Expand
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Emotion recognition from audiovisual information
We report preliminary results on emotion recognition by machine from joint audiovisual input of facial video and speech. The results show potential advantages in using both modalities over eitherExpand
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An Evaluation of Visual Fatigue in 3-D Displays: Focusing on the Mismatching of Convergence and Accommodation
SUMMARY In this paper, we describe an experimental evaluation of visual fatigue in a binocular disparity type 3-D display system. To evaluate this fatigue, we use a subjective assessment method andExpand
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Interaction With Robots: Physical Constraints on the Interpretation of Demonstrative Pronouns
This study investigated what effect physical constraints have on the interpretation of demonstrative pronouns when a user navigates a robot. For this investigation, a robot navigation environmentExpand
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