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Free‐volume model for ionic conductivity in polymers
Electrical conduction in polymers under a relatively low applied electric field is considered to be ionic and is affected strongly by the structural factors of the polymers. The following equationExpand
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Photolithography System Using Modified Illumination
Since the LSI pattern size has approached the exposure wavelength, various methods have been developed to overcome limitations in photolithography. This fact indicates that a shorter wavelength orExpand
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Photolithography system using annular illumination
Photolithography is a leading technique in LSI device fabrication. The LSI pattern size has approached the exposure wavelength such as the g or i-line of a Hg lamp. This fact indicates that theExpand
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Electrical Conduction in Insulating Oil
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Photolithographic system using modified illumination
A modified annular illumination method known as PHOENEX (Photolithography enhanced by modified exposure) is discussed. Compared with annular illumination, the modified illumination effectively cutsExpand
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Photolithography System Using a Combination of Modified Illumination and Phase Shift Mask
Various methods have been developed to overcome the limitations in photolithography. Modified illumination and phase shift mask technologies have been developed in order to improve the depth of focusExpand
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Ionic conduction mechanism of polymers
Many polymers have excellent electrical properties, as well as a variety of physical, chemical, and mechanical properties, that make them very suitable for insulating materials. Since knowledge ofExpand
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