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Functional diversity of a neurohormone produced by the suboesophageal ganglion: molecular identity of melanization and reddish colouration hormone and pheromone biosynthesis activating neuropeptide
Abstract Melanization and reddish colouration hormone (MRCH) which regulates colour polymorphism associated with phase variation in the armyworm species has been purified from a head extract of theExpand
Isolation and primary structure of a novel pheromonotropic neuropeptide structurally related to leucopyrokinin from the armyworm larvae, Pseudaletia separata.
A novel pheromonotropic neuropeptide has been isolated from a head extract of the armyworm larvae, Pseudaletia separata, by a seven step purification procedure using an in vivo assay with decapitatedExpand
Induction of Cuticular Melanization in the Armyworm Larvae, Pseudaletia separata , by Insect Myotropic Neuropeptides Possessing FXPRLamide at the C-Terminus
アワヨトウ幼虫の個体群密度に依存したクチクラのメラニン化は神経ホルモン, 体色黒化赤化ホルモン (MRCH) により支配されている. 一方, ゴキブリおよびバッタより単離きれ, 後腸筋に対してミオトロピック活性を示す神経ペプチド, pyrokinin 類および locustamyotropin (Lom-MT) 類はアワヨトウMRCH (Pss-MRCH) と共通のC末端配列,Expand
Intracellular transduction in the regulation of pheromone biosynthesis of the silkworm, Bombyx mori: suggested involvement of calmodulin and phosphoprotein phosphatase.
We have tested the effects of chemicals on bombykol production in vitro in the silkworm, Bombyx mori, to probe the biochemical steps as well as underlying mechanisms regulated by PBAN. These resultsExpand
In vivo and in vitro pheromonotropic activity of two locustatachykinin peptides in Bombyx mori.
Isolation and Insecticidal Activity of Three Acetogenins from Seeds of Pond Apple, Annona glabra L
バンレイシ科植物, イケリンゴ (Annona glabraa) 種子に含まれる殺虫性成分の単離と各種昆虫に対する効果を調べた. 沖縄で採取し, 風乾したイケリンゴ種子をエーテルで抽出後. アズキゾウムシを指標昆虫として殺虫性成分の分離・精製を行ない, 活性成分としてアセトゲニン系化合物 squamocin, asimicin および desacetyluraricin の3物質を単離した.Expand
Intracellular signal transduction of PBAN action in the common cutworm, Spodoptera litura: effects of pharmacological agents on sex pheromone production in vitro.
Pheromone biosynthesis activating neuropeptide (PBAN) regulates sex pheromone production in the pheromone glands of many species of female moths. In order to probe the biochemical steps as well asExpand
Synthesis, Biological Activity, and Metabolism of 8',8',8'-Trideuteroabscisic Acid.
An 8',8',8'-trideuterated analog of abscisic acid (ABA) was diastereoselectively synthesized as a new analog of ABA that is resistant to 8'-hydroxyIation, the first metabolic reaction of ABA, owingExpand
Localization of the Pupal Melanization Reducing Factor of Inachis io (L.) and Comparison with Melanization and Reddish Coloration Hormone
In Inachis io, a pupal melanization reducing factor (PMRF) which controls morphological color adaptation is located in the brain, suboesophageal ganglion, thoracic ganglia, and all abdominal ganglia.Expand
Isolation and Classification of Intracellular Symbiotes from the Rice Brown Planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens , Based on Analysis of 18S-ribosomal DNA
トビイロウンカ (Nilaparvata lugens) 卵より形態的に異なる7グループの酵母様共生微生物が分離された. これらの酵母株から全DNAを抽出し, これを鋳型としてPCR法により18S-rRNAをコードするrDNA領域を増幅し, 増幅されたDNAを比較することによってこれらの酵母の分類を試みた. PCRのプライマーとしては, 18S-rDNAの生物間で保有性の高い領域を用いた.Expand