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Microstructure of cryogenic treated M2 tool steel
Cryogenic treatment has been claimed to improve wear resistance of certain steels and has been implemented in cutting tools, autos, barrels etc. Although it has been confirmed that cryogenicExpand
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Structure and mechanical properties of Cu-X (X = Nb,Cr,Ni) nanolayered composites
Sputtered Cu/Cr and Cu/Nb multilayers have polycrystalline microstructures with nanometer scale grain sizes, while Cu/Ni multilayers evaporated on single crystal Cu or NaCl were single crystalline.Expand
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Transient oxidation of Single-Crystal β-NiAl
The transient oxidation of β-NiAl in air at 800 °C and 1100 °C has been studied using electron microscopy. The oxide scale consists predominatly of metastable Al2O3 phases. θ-Al2O3 is the major oxideExpand
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Three-stage hardening in tantalum single crystals.
Abstract Three-stage hardening has been found to occur in tantalum single crystals deformed in tension over a limited range of orientations, temperatures and strain-rates. The orientation range isExpand
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Enhanced hardening in Cu/330 stainless steel multilayers by nanoscale twinning
Abstract Metallic multilayered composites synthesized by sputter deposition exhibit very high hardness as the bilayer period approaches a few nanometers. In the present investigation onExpand
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Wall velocities, switching times, and the stabilization mechanism of 180° domains in congruent LiTaO3 crystals
A systematic study of the kinetics of 180° domains as a function of external electric field is presented for Z-cut LiTaO3 single crystal wafers at room temperature using transient currentExpand
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Slip and Twinning in Sapphire (α‐Al2O3)
The plastic deformation of sapphire (α-Al2O3) has been studied under hydrostatic confining pressure at temperatures below the ambient pressure brittle-to-ductile transition temperature. SamplesExpand
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Dislocations and Mechanical Properties of MgO‐Al2O3 Spinel Single Crystals
MgO·nAl2O3 spinel single crystals can be deformed plastically at high temperatures, displaying a range of interesting features. Stress-strain curves often exhibit strong work hardening followed byExpand
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Crystal growth and low coercive field 180° domain switching characteristics of stoichiometric LiTaO3
We grew LiTaO3 single crystals with a composition close to stoichiometry by using a double crucible Czochralski method. The switching field required for 180° ferroelectric domain reversal and theExpand
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Large-angle electro-optic laser scanner on LiTaO(3) fabricated by in situ monitoring of ferroelectric-domain micropatterning.
We report on a horn-shaped electro-optic scanner based on a ferroelectric LiTaO(3) wafer that is capable of scanning 632.8-nm light by an unprecedented 14.88 degrees angle for extraordinary polarizedExpand
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