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Managing technology in society: the approach of constructive technology assessment
Part 1: The Constructive Technology Assessment Discourse: Technology Assessment and Reflexive Social Learning: observations from the Risk Field, Bryan Wynne (Constructive) Technology Assessment: An
Managing Technology in Society
Gender Codes: Why Women Are Leaving Computing
  • T. Misa
  • Computer Science
  • 13 July 2010
This book presents a meta-politics of computing that examines the role of gender and technology in the development of women's rights in the 21st Century.
How Machines Make History, and how Historians (And Others) Help Them to Do So
If machines make history, they do so only with the assistance of others. For the most part, machines are mute and illiterate, and it is historians (and others) who decide the extent to which
Inventing Europe: technology and the hidden integration of Europe
This article serves as an introduction to this special issue as well as a self-standing contribution. Using the lens of technology, we situate European integration (typically viewed as a political
Leonardo to the Internet : technology & culture from the Renaissance to the present
The image of the lone inventor transforming society from the outside has a strong hold on the public's imagination. In reality, though, technologies are products of ongoing social and cultural
Understanding 'How Computing Has Changed the World'
  • T. Misa
  • Art
    IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
  • 1 October 2007
Three traditions of scholarly work are reviewed, a new line of scholarship is proposed, and thoughts on collaborative, international, and interdisciplinary research are concluded.
The Compelling Tangle of Modernity and Technology
answering questions. “Please step this way, I have a few things to ask you. . . . Did you pack your own bags this morning? Has a stranger given you anything to carry? Where were you staying in the