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Pressor mechanism of vincristine sulfate.
In cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea-pigs, VCR was characteristic of slow and long lasting pressor substance, while in rats, pressor effect in rats was temporal lasting about 10 minutes, and was slightly potentiated by the intra-carotid arterial administration. Expand
Some pharmacological studies on the cardiotonic effects of furanosteroidal glycosides.
Comparison of lethal doses between intravenous and oral administration of cardiac glycosides in pigeons and cats suggested that gastrointestinal absorption of FGBD and FGTD is inferior to that of digitoxin but superior to those of gitoxigenin bisdigitoxoside and gitoxin. Expand
[Pharmacological studies on the effects of S-alkoxy-carbonylthiamine on the gastro-intestinal motility].
Findings suggest that inhibitory effects of B1-HCI on the gastrointestinal motility were due to the depression of parasympathetic ganglion in the Auerbach's nerve plexus, but those of S-CAT were not so specific as B1 -HCI. Expand
Studies of capreomycin nephrotoxicity
Studies of capreomycin nephrotoxicity in laboratory animals were performed, and it was confirmed that the rat was much more sensitive to capreomycin than the mouse, rabbit, hamster, cat, or guineaExpand