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Galaxy growth in a massive halo in the first billion years of cosmic history
According to the current understanding of cosmic structure formation, the precursors of the most massive structures in the Universe began to form shortly after the Big Bang, in regions correspondingExpand
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Antibacterial activity of long chain fatty acids and the reversal with calcium, magnesium, ergocalciferol and cholesterol.
SUMMARY: Screening tests indicated that Gram positive bacteria are inhibited by long chain fatty acids. No inhibition was demonstrated with Gram negative bacteria. The minimum inhibitoryExpand
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Studies on the respiratory response to disturbances of acid-base balance, with deductions concerning the ionic composition of cerebral interstitial fluid.
FENCL, V., T. B. MILLER, AND J. R. PAPPENHEIMER. Studies on the respiratory response to distwbances of acid-base balance, with deductions concerning the ionic cornposition of cerebral interstitialExpand
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Human liver phosphatase 2A: cDNA and amino acid sequence of two catalytic subunit isotypes.
Two cDNA clones were isolated from a human liver library that encode two phosphatase 2A catalytic subunits. The two cDNAs differed in eight amino acids (97% identity) with three nonconservativeExpand
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Sleep-promoting effects of cerebrospinal fluid from sleep-deprived goats.
In 1913 Legendre and Pieron1 reported that injection of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from a sleep-deprived dog into the cisterna magna of a normal animal induced sleep in the recipient for 2-6 hoursExpand
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Physicochemical effects of long chain fatty acids on bacterial cells and their protoplasts.
Summary. Fatty acids of chain length > C10 induced lysis of protoplasts at pH 7·4 when the concentration was nearly bactericidal. At pH 6, lauric and linoleic acids produced lysis above bactericidalExpand
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Effect of metal cations and pH on the antibacterial activity and uptake of long chain fatty acids.
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Effect of long chain fatty acids on bacterial respiration and amino acid uptake.
Summary. Long chain fatty acids stimulated oxygen uptake by Gram positive bacteria at bactericidal and protoplast lytic concentrations and produced inhibition at higher levels. The order of activityExpand
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The hormonal control of hepatic gluconeogenesis.
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses the studies of the control of gluconeogenesis. Although the data presented are almost exclusively derived from studies in the isolated perfused rat liver, anExpand
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Diabetes-induced alterations in liver protein synthesis. Changes in the relative abundance of mRNAs for albumin and other plasma proteins.
Mechanisms responsible for diabetes-induced alterations in liver protein synthesis were investigated in vivo and in perfused liver using Bio-Breeding Worcester (BB/W) control rats, spontaneouslyExpand
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