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Shamanism Theory and the Early Chinese Wu
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From Wittgenstein to Taoism
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The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
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Shamanic Eroticism in the Jiu ge (Nine Songs) of Early China
This article presents an analysis of certain erotic strategies employed by shamans of the early Chinese state of Chu that were intended to attract and seduce an array of spirits thought to inhabitExpand
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Strategic Sages and Cosmic Generals: A Daoist Perspective on the Intertextuality of the Daodejing and the Sunzi
This study examines the intertextuality of the Daodejing 道德經 and the Sunzi 孫子 by exploring one possible horizon that can shed light on the intellectual environment of their early circulations. AExpand
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In the Shadows of the Dao: Laozi, the Sage, and the Daodejing
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