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Instructional Manipulation Checks: Detecting Satisficing to Increase Statistical Power
Participants are not always as diligent in reading and following instructions as experimenters would like them to be. When participants fail to follow instructions, this increases noise and decreasesExpand
You’re Having Fun When Time Flies
Seven studies tested the hypothesis that people use subjective time progression in hedonic evaluation. When people believe that time has passed unexpectedly quickly, they rate tasks as more engaging,Expand
Interrupted Consumption: Disrupting Adaptation to Hedonic Experiences
Six studies demonstrate that interrupting a consumption experience can make pleasant experiences more enjoyable and unpleasant experiences more irritating, even though consumers avoid breaks inExpand
Consumers' Beliefs about Product Benefits: The Effect of Obviously Irrelevant Product Information
When consumers try to assess the performance of a product on a key benefit, their information search often reveals both diagnostic information and irrelevant information. Although one would expectExpand
Effects of Brand Logo Complexity, Repetition, and Spacing on Processing Fluency and Judgment
It is generally accepted that repeated exposure to an advertisement can influence liking for an advertisement and for the brand names and product packages included in the advertisement. Although itExpand
Avoiding Future Regret in Purchase-Timing Decisions
When deciding when to make a purchase, people often compare their outcomes to those that would have occurred had they purchased earlier or later. In this article, we examine how pre- and postpurchaseExpand
Being of Two Minds: Switching Mindsets Exhausts Self-Regulatory Resources
The human psyche is equipped with the capacity to solve problems using different mental states or mindsets. Different mindsets can lead to different judgment and decision making styles, eachExpand
When Are Broader Brands Stronger Brands? An Accessibility Perspective on the Success of Brand Extensions
It is common for brands to extend into additional product categories. The most successful extensions involve brands that are associated with benefits that are valued in the extension category. WeExpand
Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching: A Versatile Tool for Mobility and Interaction Measurements in Pharmaceutical Research
This review introduces the basics of fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP) from a theoretical and an instrumentational approach. The most interesting and innovative applications with aExpand
The pain was greater if it will happen again: the effect of anticipated continuation on retrospective discomfort.
  • Jeff Galak, T. Meyvis
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of experimental psychology. General
  • 1 February 2011
Across 7 laboratory studies and 1 field study, we demonstrated that people remembered an unpleasant experience as more aversive when they expected this experience to return than when they had no suchExpand