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Marijuana use in pregnancy and lactation: a review of the evidence.
With the legalization of recreational marijuana in many states, we anticipate more women will be using and self-reporting marijuana use in pregnancy. Marijuana is the most common illicit drug used inExpand
How do good candidates for trial of labor after cesarean (TOLAC) who undergo elective repeat cesarean differ from those who choose TOLAC?
OBJECTIVE Our aim was to compare good candidates for trial of labor after cesarean (TOLAC) who underwent repeat cesarean to those who chose TOLAC. STUDY DESIGN Data for all deliveries at 14Expand
Simple, Validated Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Delivery Prediction Model for Use at the Time of Admission
OBJECTIVE: To create a simple tool for predicting the likelihood of successful trial of labor after cesarean delivery (TOLAC) during the pregnancy after a primary cesarean delivery using variablesExpand
Prenatal Marijuana Use by Self-Report and Umbilical Cord Sampling in a State With Marijuana Legalization.
OBJECTIVE To compare self-reported maternal marijuana use with quantitative biological sampling for a marijuana metabolite, 11-nor-delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol-9-carboxylic acid, in umbilical cordExpand
Factors Influencing Residency Program Selection by Medical Students Pursuing Obstetrics and Gynecology.
BACKGROUND Little is known about the factors that influence medical student selection of obstetrics and gynecology (ob-gyn) residency programs. OBJECTIVE We assessed the factors influencingExpand
Recommendations From Cannabis Dispensaries About First-Trimester Cannabis Use.
OBJECTIVE To characterize recommendations given to pregnant women by Colorado cannabis dispensaries regarding use of cannabis products for nausea during the first trimester of pregnancy. METHODSExpand
Maternal Deaths From Suicide and Overdose in Colorado, 2004–2012
OBJECTIVE: To ascertain demographic and clinical characteristics of maternal deaths from self-harm (accidental overdose or suicide) to identify opportunities for prevention. METHODS: We report a caseExpand
Effect of umbilical cord milking on morbidity and survival in extremely low gestational age neonates.
OBJECTIVE Delayed umbilical cord clamping benefits extremely low gestational age neonates (ELGANs) but has not gained wide acceptance. We hypothesized that milking the umbilical cord (MUC) wouldExpand
Genome-Wide Significance and Replication of the Chromosome 12p11.22 Locus Near the PTHLH Gene for Peripartum Cardiomyopathy
Background— Peripartum (PP) cardiomyopathy (CM) is a rare condition of unknown etiology that occurs in late pregnancy or early postpartum. Initial evidence suggests that genetic factors may influenceExpand
Marijuana Use in Pregnancy and While Breastfeeding.
The prevalence and perceived safety of marijuana use in pregnancy are increasing with expanding legalization. Marijuana crosses the placenta and passes into breast milk, resulting in fetal andExpand