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A State-of-the-Art Survey on Software Merging
  • T. Mens
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Software Eng.
  • 1 May 2002
Software merging is an essential aspect of the maintenance and evolution of large-scale software systems. This paper provides a comprehensive survey and analysis of available merge approaches. OverExpand
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A Taxonomy of Model Transformation
This article proposes a taxonomy of model transformation, based on the discussions of a working group on model transformation of the Dagstuhl seminar on Language Engineering for Model-Driven SoftwareExpand
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Towards a taxonomy of software change
Previous taxonomies of software change have focused on the purpose of the change (i.e., the why) rather than the underlying mechanisms. This paper proposes a taxonomy of software change based onExpand
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Identifying refactoring opportunities using logic meta programming
  • T. Tourwé, T. Mens
  • Computer Science
  • Seventh European Conference onSoftware…
  • 26 March 2003
We show how automated support can be provided for identifying refactoring opportunities, e.g., when an application's design should be refactored and which refactoring(s) in particular should beExpand
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Using Description Logic to Maintain Consistency between UML Models
A software design is often modelled as a collection of UML diagrams. There is an inherent need to preserve consistency between these diagrams. Moreover, through evolution those diagrams get modifiedExpand
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Analysing refactoring dependencies using graph transformation
Refactoring is a widely accepted technique to improve the structure of object-oriented software. Nevertheless, existing tool support remains restricted to automatically applying refactoringExpand
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Detecting model inconsistency through operation-based model construction
Nowadays, large-scale industrial software systems may involve hundreds of developers working on hundreds of different but related models representing parts of the same system specification. DetectingExpand
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Challenges in software evolution
Today's information technology society increasingly relies on software at all levels. Nevertheless, software quality generally continues to fall short of expectations, and software systems continueExpand
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Formalizing refactorings with graph transformations
The widespread interest in refactoring —transforming the source-code of an object- oriented program without changing its external behaviour— has increased the need for a precise definition ofExpand
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How healthy are software engineering conferences?
Abstract In this article we study the health of software engineering conferences by means of a suite of metrics created for this purpose. The metrics measure stability of the community, openness toExpand
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