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Application of direct potential fitting to line position data for the X1Σg+ and A1Σu+ states of Li2
Abstract A collection of 15 222 spectroscopic Li2 line positions, all with measurement precision in the range 0.005–0.02 cm−1, and which sample 99.97 and 99.98% of the A and X state well depths,Expand
The application of direct potential fitting to the X1sigma+ ground electronic states of LiCl, TlCl, RbF and CsF.
A procedure for directly fitting the potential energy curve of a diatomic molecule has been applied to the X1sigma+ ground states of LiCl, TlCl, RbF and CsF. Extensive, high-precision infrared andExpand
Author Institution: Department of Chemistry, Dalhousie University; Department of Chemistry, Dalhousie University
High-Resolution Laser Spectroscopy of CaS : Deperturbation Analysis of the A 1 Σ +-X 1 Σ + Transition †
The A1Σ+-X1Σ+ electronic transition in CaS has been rotationally analyzed using high-resolution, laser excitation spectroscopy. Doppler-limited spectra were recorded for the 0 -0, 1-0, 1-1, 2-1, 3-1,Expand
Threshold ion-pair production spectroscopy of HCl/DCl: Born–Oppenheimer breakdown in HCl and HCl+ and dynamics of photoion-pair formation
Threshold ion-pair production spectroscopy (TIPPS) has been applied to two isotopomers, HCl and DCl. From the high-resolution TIPP spectra the ion-pair thresholds of the two molecules have beenExpand
The first spectroscopic observation of YbS: the A0+–X0+ visible laser excitation spectrum
Abstract The first spectroscopic observation of YbS has been made using visible laser excitation spectroscopy. Gas-phase YbS was produced in a Broida oven by the reaction of Yb metal vapour withExpand
High-resolution laser spectroscopy of YbS: Deperturbation analysis of the A0+–X0+ transition
The A0+–X0+ electronic transition of 172Yb32S, 174Yb32S, and 176Yb32S has been rotationally analyzed for the first time. Doppler-limited laser excitation spectroscopy with selective detection ofExpand
The visible laser excitation spectrum of YbOH: The à 2Π–X̃2Σ+ transition
The A 2Π–X 2Σ+ electronic transition of YbOH has been analyzed for the first time. Gas-phase YbOH was produced in a Broida-type oven by the reaction of ytterbium metal vapor with H2O2 vapor.Expand
Fourier transform emission spectroscopy of YbO in the near-infrared region
The emission spectrum of gas-phase YbO has been investigated using a Fourier transform spectrometer. Chemiluminescence was observed from excited YbO molecules produced in a Broida-type oven by theExpand