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Analysis of Burro series 40-m3 lng spill experiments
The U.S. Department of Energy sponsored a series of nine field experiments (Burro series) conducted jointly in 1980 by the Naval Weapons Center, China Lake, California, and the Lawrence LivermoreExpand
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Comparison of cholinesterase inhibitor utilization patterns and associated health care costs in Alzheimer's disease.
BACKGROUND Sustained treatment with a cholinesterase inhibitor (ChEI) is used in the management of the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease (AD). However, the characteristic declines in learning andExpand
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Remote sensing technique for leak testing of components and systems
A patented remote-sensing technique for fast, complete real-time leak testing of supposedly gas- or liquid-tight components and/or large systems at manufacturing plants and in the field is described.Expand
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Desert Tortoise series data report: 1983 pressurized ammonia spills
A series of four pressurized ammonia spills up to 60 m/sup 3/ in size were performed at Frenchman Flat in Nevada as a part of a joint government-industry study. This data report presents aExpand
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The Early Detection of Brain Pathology in Alzheimer’s Disease
Studies of aged animals and aging humans have revealed numerous age — associated decrements in brain functioning. Foremost among behavioral changes are the declines in memory functioning. WhileExpand
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Desian And Preliminary Evaluation Of An Underwater Laser-Based Imaging System
The design and preliminary evaluation of an underwater laser-based imaging system (UWLIS) being developed by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for the Naval Sea Systems Command is described.Expand
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Phenomenology and modeling of liquefied natural gas vapor dispersion
The purpose of the Burro series of spill experiments, in 1980, and one of the purposes of the Coyote series, in 1981, was to investigate the atmospheric dispersion of cold, dense LNG vapor resultingExpand
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Results of 40-m3 LNG Spills onto Water
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) is conducting safety research under the sponsorship of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to determine the possible consequences of liquefied naturalExpand
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