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Adaptation of pregnant ewes to an exclusive onion diet.
A diet consisting entirely of cull onions fed to pregnant ewes produced Heinz body hemolytic anemia in all sheep after 21 d. After 28 d of daily consumption of 20 kg of onions/ewe, the anemiaExpand
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Ribbonmen and radicals: the cultivation of Irishness and the promotion of active citizenship in mid-Victorian Glasgow
A secular, at times radical, tradition of organising and representing Irishness in Scotland had been moulded before 1861. However, in that year, local branches of a new Dublin-centred organisation,Expand
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The Secular and the Radical in Irish Associational Culture of Mid-Victorian Glasgow
It will be argued in this article that, in engaging with a diasporic network centred on the Dublin-centred National Brotherhood of St Patrick, a more public and confident Irish Catholic leadershipExpand
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Large-scale migration within the nineteenth-century British Isles, much of it over short distances, was a feature of what was then a rapidly industrialising economy. In Scotland, notably in centralExpand
History, Politics And Cultural Studies
Michael Davitt’s life should be of central interest for anyone trying to grapple with the often perplexing narrative of political Irishness in nineteenth-century Britain. Born in Straide, Co. Mayo onExpand
Irish political identity in Glasgow, 1863-91
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Irishness in Glasgow, 1863–70
The purpose of this article is to examine a radically new phase in Irish popular politics in Glasgow during the 1860s. More precisely, the aim is to describe and explain how a secular notion ofExpand
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Migrants in modern Scotland: public lives and identity