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Credit and economic recovery
It has become almost a stylized fact that after financial crises, economic activity recovers without a rebound in credit. We investigate the relationship between credit and economic activity over theExpand
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Creating a massively parallel Bible corpus
We present our ongoing effort to create a massively parallel Bible corpus that allows language researchers to easily get access to the texts and their parallel structure for a large variety of different languages. Expand
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Credit and Economic Recovery: Demystifying Phoenix Miracles
This paper offers a solution to the puzzle that economic activity recovers after a financial crisis without a rebound in credit. These credit-less recoveries, known as "Phoenix Miracles", questionExpand
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How to Deal with Sovereign Default in Europe: Create the European Monetary Fund Now!
Despite cobbling together an impressive $1 trillion rescue package for countries with potential funding problems, the threat of a disorderly default still looms over the eurozone, creating systemicExpand
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Truth Versus Precision in Economics
This engaging and intelligent book provides an accessible, down to earth assessment of the role of formalism and rigour in economics.
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A Sovereign Wealth Fund to Lift Germany’s Curse of Excess Savings
As an alternative to the present system of intermediation of the German savings surplus, this paper suggests that the risk-adjusted rate of return could be improved by creating a sovereign wealthExpand
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Recent Developments in Ion Mobility Spectrometry
Abstract The general principles and technical implementations of traditional time-of-flight ion mobility spectrometers and analyzers with field-dependent mobilities were reviewed in our last articleExpand
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Estimates of Global Analysis Error from the Global Weather Experiment Observational Network
Abstract Objective analysis provides a regular representation of the atmospheric state for numerical forecasting and climate studies. The present observing system has numerous deficiencies whichExpand
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Synthesis and target identification of hymenialdisine analogs.
Hymenialdisine (HMD) is a sponge-derived natural product kinase inhibitor with nanomolar activity against CDKs, Mek1, GSK3beta, and CK1 and micromolar activity against Chk1. In order to explore theExpand
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