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Mechanical properties of nanocrystalline nickel produced by electrodeposition
Abstract Nickel foils with nano-size grains were produced by electrodeposition using a sulfamate-based electrolyte. The pH of the electrolyte was varied within the 2.8 to 5.1 range. The crystalliteExpand
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High-resolution in vivo imaging of blood vessels without labeling.
We demonstrate that both oxyhemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin have sequential two-color, two-photon absorption properties that can serve as endogenous contrasts in microvasculature imaging. Using aExpand
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Pump-Probe Imaging Differentiates Melanoma from Melanocytic Nevi
Multiphoton imaging reveals chemical changes in melanoma compared to benign nevi and could enhance current clinical diagnostic protocols. A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing It is frequently difficult toExpand
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Cross‐scale predictive modeling of CHO cell culture growth and metabolites using Raman spectroscopy and multivariate analysis
Multi‐component, multi‐scale Raman spectroscopy modeling results from a monoclonal antibody producing CHO cell culture process including data from two development scales (3 L, 200 L) and a clinicalExpand
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Near-infrared fluorescence goggle system with complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor imaging sensor and see-through display
Abstract. We have developed a near-infrared (NIR) fluorescence goggle system based on the complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor active pixel sensor imaging and see-through display technologies. TheExpand
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Probing near-infrared photorelaxation pathways in eumelanins and pheomelanins.
Ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy readily discerns the two types of melanin pigments (eumelanin and pheomelanin), although fundamental details regarding the optical properties and pigmentExpand
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Label-free in vivo optical imaging of microvasculature and oxygenation level.
The ability to perform high-resolution imaging of microvasculature and its oxygenation is very important in studying early tumor development. Toward this goal, we improved upon our excited stateExpand
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Two-color, two-photon, and excited-state absorption microscopy.
We develop a new approach in imaging nonfluorescent species with two-color two-photon and excited state absorption microscopy. If one of two synchronized mode-locked pulse trains at different colorsExpand
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Closed loop control of lactate concentration in mammalian cell culture by Raman spectroscopy leads to improved cell density, viability, and biopharmaceutical protein production
Accumulation of lactate in mammalian cell culture often negatively impacts culture performance, impeding production of therapeutic proteins. Many efforts have been made to limit the accumulation ofExpand
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In vivo and ex vivo epi-mode pump-probe imaging of melanin and microvasculature
We performed epi-mode pump-probe imaging of melanin in excised human pigmented lesions and both hemoglobin and melanin in live xenograft mouse melanoma models to depths greater than 100 µm. EumelaninExpand
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