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Fast sleep spindle (13-15 hz) activity correlates with sleep-dependent improvement in visuomotor performance.
STUDY OBJECTIVES The relationship between memory enhancement and fast (13-16 Hz) versus slow (10-13 Hz) spindle activity during sleep was investigated. DESIGN Standard polysomnographic recordingsExpand
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Activation of fast sleep spindles at the premotor cortex and parietal areas contributes to motor learning: A study using sLORETA
OBJECTIVE The present study examined whether slow and/or fast sleep spindles are related to visuomotor learning, by examining the densities of current sleep spindle activities. METHODS ParticipantsExpand
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Non-visually induced smooth pursuit eye movements using sinusoidal target motion.
Non-visually induced smooth pursuit eye movements (SPEM) were assessed in 8 healthy subjects. Targets were the subjects finger tip movements as somatosensory stimulus and a moving sound source asExpand
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Structural basis of chimpanzee APOBEC3H dimerization stabilized by double-stranded RNA
Abstract APOBEC3H (A3H) is a mammal-specific cytidine deaminase that potently restricts the replication of retroviruses. Primate A3Hs are known to exert key selective pressures against theExpand
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Gamma band EEG activity is enhanced after the occurrence of rapid eye movement during human REM sleep
This study investigated changes in gamma band (35–44 Hz) EEG activity associated with rapid eye movement (REM) during human REM sleep. Polysomnograms of eight healthy young volunteers were recordedExpand
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On Reachability Mixed Arborescence Packing
We solve this question by developing a polynomial-time algorithm for finding a collection of edge and arc-disjoint arborescences spanning the set of vertices reachable from each root in a mixed graph. Expand
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Imaginary gaze effects on eye movements induced by linear acceleration: involvement of vestibular induced smooth pursuit eye movement.
We investigated smooth eye movements elicited i) by linear acceleration in a space-fixed imaginary gaze condition (smooth component of eye movement induced by linear motion: LSEM) and ii) duringExpand
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Influence of foveal afterimage on non-visually induced pursuit eye movements.
Smooth pursuit eye movements (SPEMs) were measured during trials with an acoustic target, a somatosensory target (finger tip), and an imaginary target. Under these non-visual conditions the inducedExpand
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Crassulacean Acid Metabolism Induction in Mesembryanthemum crystallinum Can Be Estimated by Non-Photochemical Quenching upon Actinic Illumination During the Dark Period
Abstract Mesembryanthemum crystallinum, which switches the mode of photosynthesis from C3 to crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM) upon high salt stress, was shown here to exhibit diurnal changes in notExpand
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