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Sterol composition of 19 vegetable oils
The unsaponifiables from 19 vegetable oils were divided into a sterol and three other fractions by thin-layer chromatography, and campesterol, stigmasterol and β-sitosterol were present in all oils, and a minor amount of cholesterol in majority of the oils.
Acyclic and incompletely cyclized triterpene alcohols in the seed oils of theaceae and Gramineae
The triterpene alcohol constituents of the non-saponifiable lipids of two Theaceae seed oils, sasanqua and camellia oils, and two Gramineae seed oils, wheat germ and rice bran oils, were
Specific interaction between a novel enediyne chromophore and apoprotein in macromolecular antitumor antibiotic C-1027.
C-1027 chromophore is selectively incorporated into C-1027 apoprotein and is strongly protected by the apop protein from loss of its DNA cleaving activity, and does not contribute to sequence-specificity DNA cleavage by C- 1070 antibiotics.
24-Methylenedammarenol: A new triterpene alcohol from shea butter
A new triterpene alcohol was isolated from shea butter and its structure was shown to be 24-methylenedammarenol (24-methylene-5α-dammar-20[21]-en-3β-01). Dammaradienol