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A tumour‐associated DEAD‐box protein, rck/p54 exhibits RNA unwinding activity toward c‐myc RNAs in vitro
Background:  The rck/p54 protein of 473 amino acids belongs to the family of DEAD‐box/putative RNA helicase proteins. DEAD‐box proteins have been implicated in a wide variety of cellular processesExpand
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Distribution and localization of galectin purified from Rana catesbeiana oocytes.
Galectins are a family of lectins that recognize beta-D-galactosides independently of calcium ions, and are widely distributed in animals. To characterize a galectin previously purified from oocytesExpand
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Cloning and characterization of a cDNA encoding a novel heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein-like protein and its expression in myeloid leukemia cells.
We isolated a cDNA encoding a novel heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein (hnRNP)-like protein on DNA affinity screening of a K562 cDNA expression library with an oligodeoxynucleotide (JKT41)Expand
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Late-onset acid maltase deficiency associated with intracranial aneurysm
SummaryThe autopsy findings in a patient with late-onset acid maltase deficiency who died following rupture of a basilar artery aneurysm are reported. The patient developed muscular weakness andExpand
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Sibling cases of chronic recurrent hepatocerebral disease with hypercitrullinemia
SummaryTwo sibling cases with chronic recurrent hepato-cerebral syndrome which correspond to the nutritional form of hepato-cerebral disease entitled by Shikata et al. and the data of plasma freeExpand
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Transcatheter arterial embolization using iodized oil (lipiodol) mixed with an anticancer drug for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma
SummaryThe therapeutic results of Lp-TAE (transcatheter arterial embolization with Gelfoam particles preceded by the infusion of a mixture of lipiodol and an anticancer drug via the proper hepaticExpand
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The ratio of splicing variants of MGC-24/CD164, a sialomucin, correlates with the metastatic potential of colorectal carcinomas.
MGC-24/CD164 is a sialomucin expressed in many normal and cancerous tissues. In humans, soluble and transmembrane forms of MGC-24 are produced by alternative splicing. The total MGC-24 RNA level wasExpand
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Radiography for Small Intestinal Diseases in the Era of Small Intestinal Endoscopy
近年, カプセル内視鏡 (VCE) に加え, ダブルバルーン小腸内視鏡 (DBE) が進歩し小腸病変を内視鏡で直接観察する時代になった. そのため, 従来法であるX線検査と新しい内視鏡検査の比較が盛んである. 本稿では, X線検査がこれまで果たしてきた役割に加え, 小腸内視鏡による診断能との比較に焦点をおいて総説的に述べた. 小腸出血には新しい内視鏡検査が絶対的に有用である.Expand
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Platelet and RANTES contamination in peripheral blood stem cell products: comparison of three different instruments for PBSC harvesting
Several clinical manifestations of toxicity are induced by reinfusion of cryopreserved stem-cell grafts. Such toxicity is considered to be related to either dimethylsulphoxide or celllysis productsExpand
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