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Indonesian medicinal plants. XXIII. Chemical structures of two new migrated pimarane-type diterpenes, neoorthosiphols A and B, and suppressive effects on rat thoracic aorta of chemical constituents
Two novel migrated pimarane-type diterpenes named neoorthosiphols A (1) and B (2) were isolated from the water decoction of the leaves of Orthosiphon aristatus (Lamiaceae), which has been prescribedExpand
Antihypertensive actions of methylripariochromene A from Orthosiphon aristatus, an Indonesian traditional medicinal plant.
It is presumed that the traditional use of this plant in the therapy of hypertension may be partially supported by these actions related to antihypertensive activity with MRC, i.e. vasodilating action, a decrease in cardiac output and diuretic action. Expand
Screening of natural compounds for inhibitory activity on colon cancer cell migration.
Results suggest that evodiamine and paclitaxel may be regarded as leading compounds for anti-metastatic agents acting through the inhibition of tumor cell migration without cytotoxicity. Expand
Difference in fenitrothion-inhibited rat plasma cholinesterase activities determined by delta pH-method and DTNB-method, due to spontaneous reactivation.
It is suggested from these results that an utilization of delta pH-method is unsuitable for the measurement of the activity of inhibited ChE which is spontaneously reactivated. Expand
Possible antidotes in severe intoxication with fenitrothion in rats.
The best therapy against the severe poisoning with 100% lethal dose of fenitrothion was confirmed to be the repeated and combined treatment with atropine and 2-PAM as established in parathion poisoning, resulting in 90% survival ratio and considerable alleviation from the toxic signs. Expand
Spontaneous reactivation of fenitro-oxon-inhibited plasma cholinesterase in various mammals.
The results suggest that the spontaneous reactivation takes place in plasma pseudo ChE of various animals after inhibition with fenitro-oxon, as previously reported in rat plasma ChE. Expand
Inhibitory effects of evodiamine on in vitro invasion and experimental lung metastasis of murine colon cancer cells.
The results suggest that evodiamine may be regarded as a promising agent in tumor metastasis therapy, whereas cisplatin caused serious weight loss in mice in the experimental period. Expand
Indonesian Medicinal Plants. XXII. Chemical Structures of Two New Isopimarane-Type Diterpenes, Orthosiphonones A and B, and a New Benzochromene, Orthochromene A from the Leaves of Orthosiphon
Two new isopimarane-type diterpenes named orthosiphonones A and B and a new benzochromene named orthochromene A, have been isolated from the water decoction of the leaves of Orthosiphon aristatusExpand
Spontaneous reactivation of mouse plasma cholinesterase after inhibition by various organophosphorus compounds.
Plasma ChE inhibited by the organophosphorus compounds with O,O-dimethyl moiety, except for tolclofos-methyl, was more easily reactivated, and the correct activity of inhibited plasma ChE can not be obtained without attention to the spontaneous reactivation. Expand
Serum and monoclonal immunoglobulin E antibodies from NC/Nga mice with severe atopic‐like dermatitis recognize an auto‐antigen, histone H3
This work has shown that NC/Nga mice show a spontaneous outbreak of atopic‐like dermatitis accompanied by a marked elevation in serum IgE levels when reared in a conventional environment, and the specific effects of such a strong serum Ig E response on the development of the dermatitis are still uncertain. Expand