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Direct evidence of specific localization of sesquiterpenes and marchantin A in oil body cells of Marchantia polymorpha L.
Liverworts are a rich source of a diverse array of specialized metabolites, such as terpenoids and benzenoids, which are potentially useful for pharmaceutical or agrochemical applications, and alsoExpand
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Rapid determination of methotrexate in plasma by high-performance liquid chromatography with on-line solid-phase extraction and automated precolumn derivatization.
A high-performance liquid chromatographic system, combining solid-phase extraction and automated precolumn derivatization is described for the routine determination of methotrexate in human plasma.Expand
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Sedative effect on humans of inhalation of essential oil of linalool:: Sensory evaluation and physiological measurements using optically active linalools
Abstract The sedative properties of linalool were examined using the optically active linalools, (R)-(−)-, (S)-(+)- and (RS)-(±)-forms. (R)-(−)-linalool with specific rotation of [α]D= −15.1° wasExpand
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Cell-specific localization of alkaloids in Catharanthus roseus stem tissue measured with Imaging MS and Single-cell MS
Significance Terpenoid indole alkaloids are known to be valuable bioactive compounds. In situ RNA hybridization of gene expression of the terpenoid indole alkaloid (TIA) synthetic enzymes hasExpand
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Odor distinctiveness between enantiomers of linalool: difference in perception and responses elicited by sensory test and forehead surface potential wave measurement.
The effects on humans of inhalation of optically active linalools were examined in terms of sensory tests and portable forehead surface electroencephalographic (IBVA-EEG) measurements in order toExpand
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Single-Cell Metabolomics.
Live single-cell mass spectrometry (LCSMS) values the sample quality and precision, turning once theoretical speculation into present-day applications in a variety of fields, including those of medicine, pharmaceutical, and agricultural industries. Expand
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Some characteristics of a protein-coated ODS column and its use for the determination of drugs by the direct injection analysis of plasma samples
SummaryIt was found that an ODS column of small pore (120Å) which was coated with denatured plasma proteins (protein-coated ODS) no longer adsorbed plasma proteins from aqueous solution but retainedExpand
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A direct injection method of plasma samples onto a reverse phase column for the determination of drugs.
A reverse phase HPLC method, which can be applied to the direct analysis of drugs in plasma omitting deproteinizing, is proposed. It was found that an ODS column treated with human plasma no longerExpand
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Direct metabolomics for plant cells by live single-cell mass spectrometry
Live single-cell mass spectrometry (live MS) provides a mass spectrum that shows thousands of metabolite peaks from a single live plant cell within minutes. By using an optical microscope, a cell isExpand
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On-line precolumn derivatization for HPLC determination of methotrexate using a column packed oxidant.
A high-performance liquid chromatographic method involving on-line precolumn oxidative cleavage and fluorimetric detection was developed for the determination of methotrexate in plasma. PlasmaExpand
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