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Changes in surface EMG parameters during static and dynamic fatiguing contractions.
The results suggested that MFVC is affected by the metabolic state in the muscle and the changes in MDF cannot be explained only by that of MFVC. Expand
Early phase adaptations of muscle use and strength to isokinetic training.
The results suggest that muscle strength increases after short periods of isokinetic resistance training without muscle hypertrophy would be due to increased muscle contractile activity. Expand
The Position of Innervation Zones in the Biceps Brachii Investigated by Surface Electromyography
A computer program was developed, which automatically determined the potential source by applying a correlation calculation and a linear regression to the recorded signals and clarified the distribution of the innervation zones in the biceps brachii. Expand
Fibre conduction velocity and fibre composition in human vastus lateralis
A linear correlation between conduction velocity and the relative area of FT fibres was statistically significant, and indicates that muscle fibre composition can be estimated from muscle fibre conduction Velocity measured noninvasively with surface electrodes. Expand
Three-dimensional motion of the upper extremity joints during various activities of daily living.
The ROM required for the performance of each movement was shown in terms of the joint angle at the completion of the task, using a new definition of joint angle and regression analysis to compensate for estimation errors. Expand
Innervation zones of the upper and lower limb muscles estimated by using multichannel surface EMG.
The distribution of innervation zones clarified in the present study can be used to find the optimal location of electrodes in surface EMG recordings and of stimulus electrodes in the functional and therapeutic electrical stimulations and in the botulinum toxin injection for the treatment of spasticity. Expand
Human standing posture control system depending on adopted strategies
Based on a criterion for simplicity in the modification of the posture controller, a new hypothesis is suggested that, when posture control becomes difficult, the central nervous system selectively activates the somatosensory feedback paths from the hip joint angle to the moments around the ankle and hip joints. Expand
Distribution of innervation zones in the human biceps brachii.
Two types of multicontact surface electrodes were used to define the distribution of innervation zones (motor end-plate regions) in human skeletal muscles: a linear array electrode and aExpand
Effects and feasibility of exercise therapy combined with branched-chain amino acid supplementation on muscle strengthening in frail and pre-frail elderly people requiring long-term care: a crossover
The combination of BCAA intake and exercise therapy yielded significant improvements in gross lower limb muscle strength and dynamic balance ability. Expand
Changes of the average muscle fiber conduction velocity during a varying force contraction.
  • T. Sadoyama, T. Masuda
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Electroencephalography and clinical…
  • 1 November 1987
The authors decomposed the interference surface EMG signal into its constituent motor unit action potentials and compared the average conduction Velocity with the conduction velocity measured at the individual discharges of motor units. Expand