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Crystal structure of soybean 11S globulin: Glycinin A3B4 homohexamer
Electrostatic analysis of the faces suggests that the interchain disulfide-containing face has high positive potential at acidic pH, which induces dissociation of the hexamer into trimers that may be susceptible to proteinases after seed imbibition. Expand
Central role for Cdc45 in establishing an initiation complex of DNA replication in Xenopus egg extracts
In eukaryotes, chromosomal DNA is licensed to be replicated through the sequential loading of the origin recognition complex, Cdc6 and mini‐chromosome maintenance protein complex (MCM) ontoExpand
A Novel Plant Ferritin Subunit from Soybean That Is Related to a Mechanism in Iron Release*
Evidence is presented that the two different ferritin subunits in soybean dry seeds show differential sensitivity to protease digestions and that the novel, uncleaved 28-kDa ferrit in subunit appears to stabilize the ferritIn shell by co-existing with the cleaved 26.5-k da subunit. Expand
Licensing of DNA replication by a multi‐protein complex of MCM/P1 proteins in Xenopus eggs
Cloned cDNAs encoding five immunologically distinct proteins associated with Xenopus MCM3 as members of the MCM/P1 family are cloned and suggest that their re‐association with replicated chromatin at the end of the mitotic cell cycle is a key step for the licensing of replication. Expand
Crystal Structure of Plant Ferritin Reveals a Novel Metal Binding Site That Functions as a Transit Site for Metal Transfer in Ferritin*
A comparison of the ferroxidase activities of the native and the E173A mutant of SFER4 clearly showed a delay in the iron oxidation rate of the mutant, which indicated that the glutamate residue functions as a transit site of iron from the 3-fold entry channel to the feroxidase site, which may be universal among ferritins. Expand
The universal mechanism for iron translocation to the ferroxidase site in ferritin, which is mediated by the well conserved transit site.
Results suggest that the conserved transit site also has a function to assist with the metal ion sequestration to the ferroxidase site in ferritins from vertebrates. Expand
Expression and characterization of protein disulfide isomerase family proteins in bread wheat
High expression of PDI family proteins during grain filling in the starchy endosperm suggest that these proteins play an important role in forming intramolecular disulfide bonds in seed storage proteins. Expand
Cooperative Protein Folding by Two Protein Thiol Disulfide Oxidoreductases and ERO1 in Soybean1[OPEN]
It is proposed that the relay of an oxidizing equivalent from one ER oxidoreductase to another may play an essential role in cooperative oxidative folding by multiple ER oxidorductases in plants. Expand
CDK‐ and Cdc45‐dependent priming of the MCM complex on chromatin during S‐phase in Xenopus egg extracts: possible activation of MCM helicase by association with Cdc45
This work has shown that a purified Mcm4/6/7 complex has DNA helicase activity and the biochemical function of the MCM complex and Cdc45 bound to chromatin has not been elucidated. Expand
DNA polymerase ɛ is required for coordinated and efficient chromosomal DNA replication in Xenopus egg extracts
It is shown, with the use of a cell-free replication system with Xenopus egg extracts, that Xenopus Polɛ is indeed required for chromosomal DNA replication, and strongly suggest that Polɚ, along with Polα and Polδ, is necessary for coordinated chromosomalDNA replication in eukaryotic cells. Expand