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Flow enhances photosynthesis in marine benthic autotrophs by increasing the efflux of oxygen from the organism to the water
It is suggested that water motion should be considered a fundamental factor, equivalent to light and nutrients, in determining photosynthesis rates in marine benthic autotrophs. Expand
Photoacclimation of Stylophora pistillata to light extremes: metabolism and calcification
There was a consistent ratio of calcification to photosynthesis, in agreement with the concept of light-enhanced calcification, in the deepest, low- light corals, and it is assumed that these colonies subsist mainly by preying on zooplankton. Expand
Proteomic analysis of skeletal organic matrix from the stony coral Stylophora pistillata
This work represents a unique extensive proteomic analysis of biomineralization-related proteins in corals from which it is identified an organic scaffold upon which aragonite crystals can be deposited in specific orientations to form a phenotypically identifiable structure. Expand
Comparative genomics explains the evolutionary success of reef-forming corals
Transcriptome and genome data from twenty stony coral species and a selection of reference bilaterians were studied to elucidate coral evolutionary history. We identified genes that encode theExpand
Amorphous calcium carbonate particles form coral skeletons
Direct spectromicroscopy evidence is shown in Stylophora pistillata corals that two amorphous precursors exist; that these are formed in the tissue as 400-nm particles; and that they attach to the surface of coral skeletons, remain amorphously for hours, and finally crystallize into aragonite (CaCO3). Expand
Changes in morphology and diet of the coral Stylophora pistillata along a depth gradient
Morphological changes in colonies of the coral Stylophora pistillata are described and track changes in its carbon sources (autotrophic/heterotrophic behavior) along its full bathymetric distribution are described. Expand
Cloning and Characterization of Four Novel Coral Acid-Rich Proteins that Precipitate Carbonates In Vitro
These results demonstrate that coral acid-rich proteins (CARPs) not only bind Ca(2+) stoichiometrically but also precipitate aragonite in vitro in seawater at pH 8.2 and 7.6, via an electrostatic interaction with protons on bicarbonate anions. Expand
The spectral quality of light is a key driver of photosynthesis and photoadaptation in Stylophora pistillata colonies from different depths in the Red Sea
The results indicate that S. pistillata colonies are chromatically adapted to their surrounding light environment, with photoacclimation probably occurring via an increase in photosynthetic pigments rather than algal density. Expand
Modelling Growth and Form of the Scleractinian Coral Pocillopora verrucosa and the Influence of Hydrodynamics
Both simulated and in situ corals exhibit a tendency where the degree of symmetry decreases and compactification increases in conjunction with the augmented Péclet thus indicates the significant importance of hydrodynamics. Expand
Environmental versus intrinsic determination of colony symmetry in the coral Pocillopora verrucosa
Findings on asymmetry in skeletal growth and morphology indicate that environmental conditions generate last- ing asymmetric in corals. Expand