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p62/Sqstm1 promotes malignancy of HCV-positive hepatocellular carcinoma through Nrf2-dependent metabolic reprogramming
The data indicate that this Nrf2 inhibitor could be used to make cancer cells less resistant to anticancer drugs, especially in HCV-positive HCC patients.
Substituent elimination from p-substituted phenols by cytochrome P450. ipso-Substitution by the oxygen atom of the active species.
Experiments using 18O2 proved that the elimination is accompanied with ipso-substitution by the oxygen atom of the active species in cytochrome P450, and indicated that the mechanism of the substituent elimination can be divided into two types: the substitUent is eliminated as an anion or as a cation.
An HPLC assay of hydroxyl radicals by the hydroxylation reaction of terephthalic acid.
An HPLC assay for hydroxyl radicals is described, and theHydroxyl radical formed in the Fenton reaction was successfully assayed in the concentration range of hydrogen peroxide of 2.5-50 micro mol/L, where the concentration of Fe(II) was 50 micromol/L.
alpha, beta-Dihydroxyisovalerate dehydratase. A superoxide-sensitive enzyme.
Superoxide radical initiates the autoxidation of dihydroxyacetone.