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The eastward shift of the Walker Circulation in response to global warming and its relationship to ENSO variability
This study investigates the global warming response of the Walker Circulation and the other zonal circulation cells (represented by the zonal stream function), in CMIP3 and CMIP5 climate models. TheExpand
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When does an old nova become a dwarf nova? Kinematics and age of the nova shell of the dwarf nova AT Cancri
The Z Cam-type dwarf nova AT Cancri (AT Cnc) displays a classical nova (CN) shell, demonstrating that mass transfer in cataclysmic binaries decreases substantially after a CN eruption. TheExpand
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Sea ice circulation in the Laptev Sea and ice export to the Arctic Ocean: Results from satellite remote sensing and numerical modeling
Sea ice circulation in the Laptev Sea and ice exchange with the Arctic Ocean have been studied based on remote sensing data and numerical modeling. Ice drift patterns for short- and long-term periodsExpand
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Impact of river discharge and regional climatology on the decay of sea ice in the Laptev Sea
Summer sea-ice conditions in the Laptev Sea are characterized by high interannual variability. The impact of Lena River discharge, one of the Arctic's major rivers discharging roughly 525 km(3)Expand
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NGC628 with SITELLE: I. Imaging spectroscopy of 4285 H ii region candidates
This is the first paper of a series dedicated to nebular physics and the chemical evolution of nearby galaxies by investigating large samples of HII regions with the CFHT imaging spectrographExpand
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Uncertainty in near-term global surface warming linked to tropical Pacific climate variability
Climate models generally simulate a long-term slowdown of the Pacific Walker Circulation in a warming world. However, despite increasing greenhouse forcing, there was an unprecedented intensificationExpand
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Fortschritte des Künstlichen Akkommodationssystems
Das Kunstliche Akkommodationssystem stellt eine Moglichkeit dar, zukunftig die Akkommodation bei Presbyopie oder nach Kataraktoperationen dauerhaft wiederherzustellen. Die vorliegende Arbeit Expand
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Wear pattern of the molar dentition of an extant and an Oligocene bat assemblage with implications on functionality
Wear stages have been defined based on dentine exposure at the lower molar surfaces for a population of the extant bat Pipistrellus pipistrellus (6 wear stages) and for a sample of the Oligocene batExpand
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The Same at a First Glance: The Diffractogram of a New Polymorph of Anhydrous Sodium Luminolate Almost Perfectly Resembles the Diffraction Trace of an Already Known Polymorph
A so far unknown third polymorph (form III) of 5-amino-2, 3-dihydro-1, 4-phthalazinedione (luminolate) monosodium salt could be isolated phase pure and its structure was determined by powder X-rayExpand
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