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Spacetime curvature and the Higgs stability during inflation.
The standard model Higgs effective potential is computed including UV-induced curvature corrections at one-loop level and it is found that for a high inflationary scale a large curvature mass is generated due to renormalization group running of nonminimal coupling ξ. Expand
De Sitter stability and coarse graining
  • T. Markkanen
  • Physics, Medicine
  • The European physical journal. C, Particles and…
  • 20 March 2017
A 4-dimensional back reaction analysis of de Sitter space for a conformally coupled scalar field in the presence of vacuum energy initialized in the Bunch–Davies vacuum admits a thermodynamic interpretation which provides a simple alternate derivation of the mechanism. Expand
A simple method for one-loop renormalization in curved space-time
We present a simple method for deriving the renormalization counterterms from the components of the energy-momentum tensor in curved space-time. This method allows control over the finite parts ofExpand
The 1-loop effective potential for the Standard Model in curved spacetime
A bstractThe renormalisation group improved Standard Model effective potential in an arbitrary curved spacetime is computed to one loop order in perturbation theory. The loop corrections are computedExpand
Non-minimal gravitational reheating during kination
A new mechanism is presented which can reheat the Universe in non-oscillatory models of inflation, where the inflation period is followed by a period dominated by the kinetic density for the inflatonExpand
Vacuum stability in the early universe and the backreaction of classical gravity
  • T. Markkanen
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A…
  • 11 July 2017
For the minimal set up of the standard model and a decoupled inflation sector it is shown how a metastable vacuum can lead to very tight bounds for the non-minimal coupling. Expand
Dark energy as a remnant of inflation and electroweak symmetry breaking
A bstractIt is shown that dark energy can be obtained from the interplay of the Higgs boson and the inflaton. A key element is the realization that electroweak symmetry breaking can trigger a secondExpand
Scalar correlation functions in de Sitter space from the stochastic spectral expansion
We consider light scalar fields during inflation and show how the stochastic spectral expansion method can be used to calculate two-point correlation functions of an arbitrary local function of theExpand
Light scalars on cosmological backgrounds
A bstractWe study the behaviour of a light quartically self-interacting scalar field ϕ on curved backgrounds that may be described with the cosmological equation state parameter w. At leading orderExpand
Renormalization of the inflationary perturbations revisited
In this work we clarify aspects of renormalization on curved backgrounds focussing on the potential ramifications on the amplitude of inflationary perturbations. We provide an alternate view of theExpand