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The simultaneous differentiation of Potato virus Y strains including the newly described strain PVY(NTN-NW) by multiplex PCR assay.
New recombinant strain and genotype of PVY, designated as PVY(NTN-NW) and SYR-III, respectively, shared properties with PVY(NTN) and PVY(N)W has been reported recently. PVY(NTN-NW) predominated inExpand
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PVYNTN‐NW, a novel recombinant strain of Potato virus Y predominating in potato fields in Syria
Detailed characterization of a number of isolates of PVYSYR, a novel recombinant strain of Potato virus Y (PVY) from Syria, was conducted to elucidate their origin, assess their significance andExpand
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Nucleotide sequence of the capsid protein gene of papaya leaf-distortion mosaic potyvirus
SummaryThe DNA complementary to the 3′-terminal 1 404 nucleotides [excluding the poly(A) tail] of papaya leaf-distortion mosaic potyvirus (PLDMV) RNA was cloned and sequenced. The sequence startsExpand
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The Occurrence and Characterization of New Recombinant Isolates of PVY Displaying Shared Properties of PVYNW and PVYNTN
Isolates of Potato virus Y (PVY), collected in Syria, induced vein necrosis in tobacco but reacted to PVY° monoclonal antibody, and were therefore classified as PVY N W (or PVY N:O ). The possibleExpand
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The Occurrence of Potato Viruses in Syria and the Molecular Detection and Characterization of Syrian Potato virus S Isolates
Potato virus Y (PVY) is the main potato virus in Syria but no information is available on the prevalence of other potato viruses. A survey was conducted by ELISA using specific antibodies to nineExpand
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Whole Genome Sequence and Characterization of a Novel Isolate of PVY Inducing Tuber Necrotic Ringspot in Potato and Leaf Mosaic in Tobacco
In a previous study on a Syrian isolate of Potato virus Y (PVY), namely PVY-12, a point mutation in the coat protein (CP) was detected. This mutation caused the double reactivity of this isolate toExpand
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Diagnosis of Potato Mop-Top Virus in Soil Using Bait Plant Bioassay and RT-PCR-microplate Hybridization
Spraing (brown rings or arcs) of potato caused by Potato mop-top virus (PMTV) occurred in a field of Tokachi, Hokkaido, Japan in 2005. To monitor the expansion of spraing-affected areas, we developedExpand
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Application of cDNA Macroarray for Simultaneous Detection of 12 Potato Viruses.
A complementary DNA (cDNA) macroarray was developed for simultaneous detection of 12 different potato viruses. A suitable region in the viral genome for each was selected for Alfalfa mosaic virus,Expand
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A point mutation changes the serotype of a Potato virus Y isolate; genomic determination of the serotype of PVY strains
A Syrian isolate of Potato virus Y (PVY), named PVY-12, reacted to two monoclonal antibodies that are specific to PVYO,C and PVYN strains, although its coat protein (CP) belongs to the PVYN strain.Expand
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A New Strain of Sweet Potato Feathery Mottle Virus That Causes Russet Crack on Fleshy Roots of Some Japanese Cultivars of Sweet Potato.
A new filamentous virus (designated VC) was isolated from sweet potato plants that seemed to be tolerant to russet crack. It infected Ipomoea spp., Chenopodium quinoa and C. amaranticolor. IpomoeaExpand
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