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Metal‐Insulator Transitions
Competing states in the t-J model: uniform D-wave state versus stripe state.
Variational studies of the t-J model on the square lattice based on infinite projected-entangled pair states confirm an extremely close competition between a uniform d-wave superconducting state and
Sr2RuO4: an electronic analogue of 3He?
Sr2RuO4 is a superconductor with a similar structure to a high-Tc cuprate superconductor. Nevertheless, the superconducting state may have different symmetry than that of cuprate superconductors.
TOPICAL REVIEW: The physics behind high-temperature superconducting cuprates: the 'plain vanilla' version of RVB
One of the first theoretical proposals for understanding high-temperature superconductivity in the cuprates was Anderson's RVB theory using a Gutzwiller projected BCS wavefunction as an approximate
A renormalised Hamiltonian approach to a resonant valence bond wavefunction
The effective Hamiltonian of strongly correlated electrons on a square lattice is replaced by a renormalised Hamiltonian and the factors that renormalise the kinetic energy of holes and the
Single-Particle Excitations in Magnetic Insulators
In this paper, the density of states and the mobility of an extra electron or hole are calculated in the atomic limit of the Hubbard model. Both the half-filled single-band and multiple-band