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IR-UV double resonance spectroscopy of xanthine.
We present resonant two-photon ionization (R2PI), UV-UV, and IR-UV double resonance spectra of xanthine seeded in a supersonic jet by laser desorption. We show that there is only one tautomer ofExpand
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Conformational analysis of flephedrone using quantum mechanical models
Flephedrone is an analogue of cathinone - chemically similar to ephedrine, cathine and other amphetamines. Conformations of all isomers of flephedrone have been studied at the quantum-chemical level.Expand
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Theoretical study of interactions between cysteine and perfluoropropanoic acid in gas and aqueous phase
The interaction of perfluoropropanoic acid (PFPA) with the amino acid cysteine was investigated using density functional theory. Previous studies suggest that the peroxisome proliferator chemical,Expand
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Classical Blitzkrieg: The Untimely Modernity of Schlieffen's Cannae Programme
This article reconsiders Schlieffen's Cannae ideal and offers an historical perspective on the question of its applicability. Concurring with Hans Delbrück's interpretation, Schlieffen understoodExpand
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