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Regulation of pentitol metabolism by Aerobacter aerogenes. I. Coordinate control of ribitol dehydrogenase and D-ribulokinase activities.
Induction studies on Aerobacter aerogenes strain PRL-R3, using ribitol as the inducer-substrate, indicated that two enzymes of ribitol catabolism, ribitol dehydrogenase and d-ribulokinase, areExpand
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Regulation of pentitol metabolism by aerobacter aerogenes. II. Induction of the ribitol pathway.
The incubation of Aerobacter aerogenes PRL-R3 with ribitol resulted in the induction of ribitol dehydrogenase and d-ribulokinase, coordinately controlled enzymes of the pathway of ribitol catabolism.Expand
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D-Ribulose production by a mutant of Aerobacter aerogens.
Abstract A mutant of Aerobacter aerogenes which is ribitol dehydrogenase constitutive and d -ribulokinase deficient has been utilized for the oxidation of ribitol to d -ribulose. The yield of dExpand
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