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Patients' and providers' perceptions of asthma and asthma care: a qualitative study
Abstract: Background: Differences in patients' and providers' perceptions of asthma and asthma care can create barriers to successful treatment. The primary goal of this qualitative study was toExpand
Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to Understand a Community's Primary Care Needs
Introduction: A key element for reducing health care costs and improving community health is increased access to primary care and preventative health services. Geographic information systems (GIS)Expand
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Demonstrating Primary Care Needs for a Transitioning Hispanic Community
Background: Hispanics are the largest and fastest growing minority group in the United States. Charlotte, NC, had the 4th fastest growing Hispanic community in the nation between 1990 to 2000.Expand
Comparing traditional and participatory dissemination of a shared decision making intervention (ADAPT-NC): a cluster randomized trial
BackgroundAsthma is a common disease that affects people of all ages and has significant morbidity and mortality. Poor outcomes and health disparities related to asthma result in part from theExpand
Evaluation of a Pilot Asthma Care Program for Electronic Communication between School Health and a Healthcare System's Electronic Medical Record
We demonstrated the feasibility of electronic communication between school nurses and primary care providers in the healthcare system network via electronic communication through the EMR, on behalf of pediatric asthma patients. Expand
Adapting community based participatory research (CBPR) methods to the implementation of an asthma shared decision making intervention in ambulatory practices
Abstract Objective: Translating research findings into clinical practice is a major challenge to improve the quality of healthcare delivery. Shared decision making (SDM) has been shown to beExpand
Results from a pragmatic prospective cohort study: Shared decision making improves outcomes for children with asthma
ABSTRACT Objective: Patient/provider shared decision making (SDM) improves asthma control in a pragmatic clinical trial setting. This study evaluated the impact of an evidence-based SDM toolkit onExpand
A trans-disciplinary approach to the evaluation of social determinants of health in a hispanic population
BackgroundIndividual and community health are adversely impacted by disparities in health outcomes among disadvantaged and vulnerable populations. Understanding the underlying causes for variationsExpand
Asthma dissemination around patient-centered treatments in North Carolina (ADAPT-NC): a cluster randomized control trial evaluating dissemination of an evidence-based shared decision-making
Abstract Objective: To compare three dissemination approaches for implementing an asthma shared decision-making (SDM) intervention into primary care practices. Methods: We randomized thirty practicesExpand
Evaluating Primary Care Delivery Systems for an Uninsured Hispanic Immigrant Population
Hispanic populations experience disparities in health outcomes and health care. Using participatory methods, we evaluated 4 systems of primary care delivery for an uninsured Hispanic population. BestExpand