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Full 3D navigation correction using low frequency visual tracking with a stereo camera
Robust and accurate navigation of underwater vehicles is an essential cornerstone for mission success. Integrative techniques, e.g., using inertial navigation or Doppler velocity logs (DVL), can showExpand
The first record of Aspidogaster limacoides Diesing, 1834 (Aspidogastridae: Aspidogastrea) in Poland.
Aspidogaster limacoides Diesing, 1834 was identified in two specimens of roach (Rutilus rutilus L.) from middle Odra River (Lower Silesia, SW Poland). As the species is new to the PolishExpand
Dexterous Underwater Manipulation from Distant Onshore Locations
Dexterous Underwater Manipulation from Distant Onshore Locations A. Birk, T. Doernbach, C.A. Müller, T. Luczynski, A. Gomez Chavez, D. Köhntopp, A. Kupcsik, S. Calinon, A.K. Tanwani, G. Antonelli, P.Expand
Robotic bridge statics assessment within strategic flood evacuation planning using low-cost sensors
This work uses an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) featuring a robotic manipulator and proposes to utilize off-the-shelf smartphones as sensors - which still require to be placed at the spot on the bridge best suited for picking up vibrations. Expand
Underwater Image Haze Removal and Color Correction with an Underwater-ready Dark Channel Prior
A modification to the Dark Channel Prior is proposed that allows for an easy application to underwater images and it is shown that the method outperforms competing solutions based on the DarkChannel Prior. Expand
An Intelligent and Robust System for Underwater Vision
An extensive analysis of the issue of refraction-based distortions is undertaken using a novel method, dubbed Pinax, that allows for very efficient and accurate modelling of submerged cameras, and is shown to outperform any state of the art approach. Expand
Underwater inspection and intervention dataset
A novel dataset for the development of visual navigation and simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM) algorithms as well as for underwater intervention tasks as it contains ground truth for the vehicle's position captured by an underwater motion tracking system. Expand
Underwater place recognition in noisy stereo data using FAB-MAP with a multimodal vocabulary from 2D texture and 3D surface descriptors
This paper presents a method to employ multiple dictionaries computed from different feature types, extracted from different raw data in a single FAB-MAP-based place recognition method, and shows an increase of performance of the method when using a combination of feature types instead of single feature types. Expand