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The Family Rhodobacteraceae
The family Rhodobacteraceae can be considered a paradigm of modern taxonomy of prokaryotes. Taking into account the number of species and genera that conforms the family, together with the knowledgeExpand
Haliea mediterranea sp. nov., a marine gammaproteobacterium.
Strain 7SM29T, an aerobic marine gammaproteobacterium isolated from seawater from Castellón, Spain, was characterized by classical phenotyping, chemotaxonomy and 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis.Expand
Pseudomonas litoralis sp. nov., isolated from Mediterranean seawater.
Strains 2SM5(T) and 2SM6, two strictly aerobic chemo-organotrophic gammaproteobacteria, were isolated from Mediterranean seawater off the coast of Vinaroz, Castellón, Spain, in February, 1990. TheyExpand
Comparative Genomics of Thalassobius Including the Description of Thalassobius activus sp. nov., and Thalassobius autumnalis sp. nov.
A taxogenomic study was conducted to describe two new Thalassobius species and to analyze the internal consistency of the genus Thalassobius along with Shimia and Thalassococcus. Strains CECT 5113T,Expand
Marinifilum flexuosum sp. nov., a new Bacteroidetes isolated from coastal Mediterranean Sea water and emended description of the genus Marinifilum Na et al., 2009.
A facultatively anaerobe, moderately halophilic, Gram-negative, filamentous, non motile and unpigmented bacterium, designated M30(T), was isolated from coastal Mediterranean Sea water in Valencia,Expand
Photobacterium aphoticum sp. nov., isolated from coastal water.
A facultatively anaerobic marine gammaproteobacterium, designated strain M46(T), was isolated from Mediterranean seawater at Malvarrosa beach, Valencia, Spain. The strain was characterized by using aExpand
Photobacterium malacitanum sp. nov., and Photobacterium andalusiense sp. nov., two new bacteria isolated from diseased farmed fish in Southern Spain.
Three strains, H01100409BT, H01100413B, and H27100402HT, were isolated from several internal organs of diseased redbanded seabream (Pagrus auriga) reared in Andalusia (Southern Spain). All strainsExpand
Multilocus sequence analysis of putative Vibrio mediterranei strains and description of Vibrio thalassae sp. nov.
A multilocus sequence analysis based on partial gyrB, mreB, rpoD and pyrH genes was undertaken with 61 putative Vibrio mediterranei/V. shilonii strains from different hosts (mussels, oysters, clams,Expand
Actibacterium mucosum gen. nov., sp. nov., a marine alphaproteobacterium from Mediterranean seawater.
Strain R46(T), a marine alphaproteobacterium, was isolated from Mediterranean seawater at Malvarrosa beach, Valencia, Spain. It is an aerobic chemo-organotrophic, mesophilic and slightly halophilicExpand
Description of Tropicibacter mediterraneus sp. nov. and Tropicibacter litoreus sp. nov.
Four strains (M15∅_3, M17(T), M49 and R37(T)) were isolated from Mediterranean seawater at Malvarrosa beach, Valencia, Spain. Together with an older preserved isolate (strain 2OM6) from culturedExpand