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tRNAscan-SE: a program for improved detection of transfer RNA genes in genomic sequence.
We describe a program, tRNAscan-SE, which identifies 99-100% of transfer RNA genes in DNA sequence while giving less than one false positive per 15 gigabases. Two previously described tRNA detectionExpand
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Initial sequencing and analysis of the human genome.
The human genome holds an extraordinary trove of information about human development, physiology, medicine and evolution. Here we report the results of an international collaboration to produce andExpand
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The tRNAscan-SE, snoscan and snoGPS web servers for the detection of tRNAs and snoRNAs
We describe online implementations of these RNA detection tools that make these programs accessible to a wider range of research biologists. Expand
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Identification and analysis of functional elements in 1% of the human genome by the ENCODE pilot project
We report the generation and analysis of functional data from multiple, diverse experiments performed on a targeted 1% of the human genome as part of the pilot phase of the ENCODE Project. These dataExpand
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tRNAscan-SE On-line: integrating search and context for analysis of transfer RNA genes
  • T. Lowe, P. Chan
  • Biology, Computer Science
  • Nucleic Acids Res.
  • 12 May 2016
TRNAscan-SE 2.0 has advanced the state-of-the-art methodology in tRNA gene detection and functional prediction, captured by rich new content of the companion Genomic tRNA Database. Expand
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The genome sequence of Schizosaccharomyces pombe
We have sequenced and annotated the genome of fission yeast (Schizosaccharomyces pombe), which contains the smallest number of protein-coding genes yet recorded for a eukaryote: 4,824. TheExpand
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Nitrosopumilus maritimus genome reveals unique mechanisms for nitrification and autotrophy in globally distributed marine crenarchaea
Ammonia-oxidizing archaea are ubiquitous in marine and terrestrial environments and now thought to be significant contributors to carbon and nitrogen cycling. The isolation of CandidatusExpand
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Genome sequence of Halobacterium species NRC-1.
We report the complete sequence of an extreme halophile, Halobacterium sp. NRC-1, harboring a dynamic 2,571,010-bp genome containing 91 insertion sequences representing 12 families and organized intoExpand
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GtRNAdb: a database of transfer RNA genes detected in genomic sequence
  • P. Chan, T. Lowe
  • Biology, Computer Science
  • Nucleic Acids Res.
  • 4 November 2008
We created the Genomic tRNA Database (GtRNAdb), currently including over 74 000 tRNA genes predicted from 740 species. Expand
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A computational screen for methylation guide snoRNAs in yeast.
Small nucleolar RNAs (snoRNAs) are required for ribose 2'-O-methylation of eukaryotic ribosomal RNA. Many of the genes for this snoRNA family have remained unidentified in Saccharomyces cerevisiae,Expand
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