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Cutaneous-Evoked Tinnitus
Cutaneous-evoked tinnitus is a clinical entity that has not been reported previously in the neurootological literature. Herein, a neuroscience framework that encompasses several distinct areas ofExpand
Microvascular decompression for trigeminal neuralgia. Surgical technique and long-term results.
In summary, it can be concluded that MVD has a long-term success rate equal or superior to percutaneous procedures without the higher rate of permanent neurologic sequelae. It is a safe operationExpand
Functional outcome and the effect of cranioplasty after retromastoid craniectomy for microvascular decompression.
BACKGROUND While the efficacy of retromastoid craniectomy for microvascular decompression for hyperactive cranial nerve syndromes is well established, there is no real information regarding theExpand
Surgical management of geniculate neuralgia.
BACKGROUND Geniculate ganglion or nervus intermedius neuraigia is an unusual condition resulting in deep ear pain with or without signs of atypical trigeminal neuralgia, deep face, or throat pain.Expand
Anomalous cross-modal plasticity following posterior fossa surgery: Some speculations on gaze-evoked tinnitus
A unique and intriguing form of subjective tinnitus evoked by eye gaze is reviewed. A new perspective is presented because this condition is sufficiently different from other forms of subjectiveExpand
Cutaneous-Evoked Tinnitus
Complete and acute unilateral deafferentation of the auditory periphery (auditory and vestibular afferents) can induce changes in the central nervous system that may result in unique forms ofExpand
The Surgical Management of Chronic Cluster Headache
Objective.—Chronic cluster headache occurs in less than 10% of cluster headache sufferers, but remains an intractable medical problem. Surgical treatments have also been limited in theirExpand
Delayed facial weakness after microvascular decompression of cranial nerve VII.
BACKGROUND Retromastoid craniectomy and microvascular decompression of cranial nerve VII for hemifacial spasm is a well accepted and effective treatment. Risks of the operation relate to the surgicalExpand
Auditory perceptual and visual-spatial characteristics of gaze-evoked tinnitus.
Auditory perceptual and visual-spatial characteristics of subjective tinnitus evoked by eye gaze were studied in two adult human subjects. This uncommon form of tinnitus occurred approximately 4-6Expand
Improvement of Cortical Morphology in Infantile Hydrocephalic Animals after Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt Placement
ABSTRACTAS A SEQUEL to our previous descriptions of the pathological changes induced by hydrocephalus in the infantile cerebral cortex, the study presented here has evaluated the effects of surgicalExpand