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ChIP-seq guidelines and practices of the ENCODE and modENCODE consortia.
This work discusses how ChIP quality, assessed in these ways, affects different uses of ChIP-seq data and develops a set of working standards and guidelines for ChIP experiments that are updated routinely. Expand
Gait Analysis Using Wearable Sensors
The gait analysis methods based on wearable sensors is divided into gait kinematics, gait kinetics, and electromyography, which are expected to play an increasingly important role in clinical applications. Expand
Cistrome Data Browser: a data portal for ChIP-Seq and chromatin accessibility data in human and mouse
The Cistrome database is built, a collection of ChIP-seq and chromatin accessibility data published before January 1, 2016, including 13 366 human and 9953 mouse samples that are expected to become a valuable resource for transcriptional and epigenetic regulation studies. Expand
CS2P: Improving Video Bitrate Selection and Adaptation with Data-Driven Throughput Prediction
A prototype system and a prototype system are developed that show that CS2P outperforms state-of-art by 40% and 50% median pre- diction error respectively for initial and midstream through- put and improves QoE by 14% over buffer-based adaptation algorithm. Expand
Analytical design of two-degree-of-freedom control scheme for open-loop unstable processes with time delay
Abstract This paper proposes an analytical two-degree-of-freedom control scheme for open-loop unstable processes with time delay, which leads to the remarkable improvement of regulatory capacity forExpand
Signaling pathway of MAPK/ERK in cell proliferation, differentiation, migration, senescence and apoptosis
The role of MAPK/ERK signaling pathway in cell proliferation, differentiation, migration, senescence and apoptosis is reviewed. Expand
An Evaluation on Feature Selection for Text Clustering
An "Iterative Feature Selection (IF)" method is proposed that addresses the unavailability of label problem by utilizing effective supervised feature selection method to iteratively select features and perform clustering. Expand
MicroRNA-27a functions as an oncogene in gastric adenocarcinoma by targeting prohibitin.
It is shown that miR-27a is up-regulated in human gastric adenocarcinoma, and down-regulation of prohibitin by miR -27a may explain why suppression of miR,27a can inhibit gastric cancer cell growth, further supporting that miRNAs functions as an oncogene. Expand
Practical Guidelines for the Comprehensive Analysis of ChIP-seq Data
All the major steps in the analysis of ChIP-seq data: sequencing depth selection, quality checking, mapping, data normalization, assessment of reproducibility, peak calling, differential binding analysis, controlling the false discovery rate, peak annotation, visualization, and motif analysis are addressed. Expand
A new chaotic attractor
Abstract In this letter a new chaotic system is discussed. Some basic dynamical properties, such as Lyapunov exponents, Poincare mapping, fractal dimension, continuous spectrum and chaotic behaviorsExpand