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Vibration Analysis of Rotor System by Combined Adaptive Time-Frequency Analysis and Independent Component Analysis
Traditional time-frequency analysis methods such as short-time Fourier transform (STFT) and Wigner-Ville distribution (WVD) cannot always work effectively for the complex rotor systems where theExpand
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Photoconductivity in single AlN nanowires by subband gap excitation
Photoconductivity of individual aluminum nitride (AlN) nanowires has been characterized using different subband gap excitation sources. It is interesting that both positive (under 1.53 and 2.33 eVExpand
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Three New Pigment Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases Inhibitors from the Insect Parasite Fungus Cordyceps gracilioides: Terreusinone A, Pinophilin C and Cryptosporioptide A
Three new pigment compounds—terreusinone A (1), pinophilin C (2) and cryptosporioptide A (3) were isolated from a solid culture of Cordyceps gracilioides. The structures of these compounds wereExpand
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Electron diffraction analysis of quenched Fe–C martensite
Martensite has a body-centered tetragonal (bct) structure in high carbon steels. However, body-centered cubic (bcc) {112} 〈111〉-type twins instead of bct twins always be observed as the substructureExpand
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Design and fabrication of an AT-cut quartz phononic Lamb wave resonator
This paper presents results on the design and fabrication of an AT-cut quartz Lamb wave resonator with phononic crystal (PC) reflective gratings. The deep reactive ion etching process with aExpand
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Electron accumulation at nonpolar and semipolar surfaces of wurtzite InN from generalized infrared ellipsometry
The free electron properties of nonpolar (112¯0)-oriented and semipolar (101¯1)-oriented wurtzite InN films are studied by generalized infrared ellipsometry (GIRSE). We demonstrate the sensitivity ofExpand
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Preparation of Nano-Sized Collagen I and Collagen II Particles
This pilot study describes a new method to prepare nano-sized collagen type I and collagen type II particles by using a high-voltage electrostatic field system. Observations from transmissionExpand
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Low-Frequency Contact Noise of GaN Nanowire Device Detected by Cross-Spectrum Technique
We report the properties of low-frequency contact noise of multielectrode GaN nanowire (NW) devices. A two-port cross-spectrum technique is used to discriminate the noise of the ohmic contact fromExpand
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High-phase-purity zinc-blende InN on r-plane sapphire substrate with controlled nitridation pretreatment
High-phase-purity zinc-blende (zb) InN thin film has been grown by plasma-assisted molecular-beam epitaxy on r -plane sapphire substrate pretreated with nitridation. X-ray diffraction analysis showsExpand
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A Ships Parameter Identification Arithmetic Based on Improved Ant Colony Algorithm
In this paper, an Improved Ant Colony Algorithm is applied to the identification of the ship motion modelNomotos 1st-order nonlinear model. A robust method based on Ant Colony Algorithm is proposedExpand
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